There are several things that make bingo popular but arguably its main quality is the fact that it is a highly social game. It is far more entertaining when playing with like-minded individuals and can be just as fun to play online using sites like and in brick-and-mortar locations. The simplicity of the game and the fact that the outcome depends exclusively on luck means that players can fully enjoy its fun component. The lighthearted atmosphere has led to some rather amusing and sometimes borderline offensive bingo calls. There are dozens of them out there, but these five are probably the funniest you’ll find by a long shot.

  1. Keep’em Keen and Getting Plenty

These two bingo calls are so similar that it is worth discussing them in conjunction. When 19 is called, some bingo players will casually referred to it as “keep’em keen”. Conversely, 20 sometimes go by the name of Getting Plenty and both of these bingo calls have a sexual innuendo and are based on rhymes.

  1. Did you Score and Dirty Girty

Those who lose bingo calls that make the most of rhymes will surely appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor of “Did you Score”. While this name would be suitable to any number that ends in 4, somehow those who came up with this bingo call chose to attribute it to 24. Similar connections are made for Dirty Girty which is the bingo call for number 30, one of the less used but very funny names.

  1. On all Fours and Kinky Tricks

Apparently, bingo calls with sexual implications are quite popular in both land-based locations and online. When 44 is called, the first thing that comes to mind to most bingo players is the “on all fours” expression. Likewise, 66 is a number that when called will surely bring a few smiles on the faces of those playing and some might even after the “kinky tricks” expression.

  1. 69 – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

When it comes to funny bingo calls with a sexual background, it is hard to come up with a number that outshines 69. It has more than a few names attached to it and even though many people can regard them as offensive, they are fun nonetheless. Some might refer to it as “your place or mine” while others will call it ”meal for two with a view”, but there are also other terms that bingo fans will recognize.

  1. Grandma’s Gone to Heaven and Staying Alive

When it comes to funny bingo calls, it is important to exercise caution when using them, based on the crowd. Some of them, such as Grandma’s gone to heaven which marks the arrival of 87 can be a bit sensitive and in some circumstances it is better to avoid it altogether. 85 also has a mildly offensive connotation, yet it is more on the positive note, as it is called Staying Alive. Even though many bingo players are elderly people, they have a good sense of humor and don’t get offended by most jokes.


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