For all the skincare connoisseurs out there, an up and coming brand is scaling its way to the top.  MagniSkin, the product of two sisters’ dedication and commitment, has risen as a popular destination in the UK for all things beauty.  Ranging from services like laser hair removal, facials, and even nonsurgical booty lifts, the business provides it all and with the latest up to date technology too.  Pinar and Songul are the pair behind all the magic.  Sisters by blood and co-business owners by effort, day by day since the summer of 2019 where it all started, they are building a beauty empire.

As it stands today, MagniSkin has built quite the repertoire.  It has become the attraction for all types of clientele even reaching the attention of famous influencers and television personas.  Serving each client centers around one specific goal, “our main goal is to help empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin,” as the sisters put it as they were asked to shed light onto their great business venture in one sit-down interview.  They went on to say, “in order to do this, we built our own salon which includes all the latest technology in the industry to offer the best service for our clients.”  No two treatments are exactly alike yet they share the common core quality of being done with the utmost care, love, and dedication as the sisters informed, “we favor no treatment here at MagniSkin.  Each treatment has its unique touch and are all performed with equal love and dedication.”

MagniSkin thrives through the combination of two factors: the passion for the line of work as well as the time dedicated to it.  The sisters are consistently working around the clock.  There is not a singular moment that passes by where the business is simply not on their minds.  As the sisters informed, “we work 24/7 thinking of new ideas and helping support our brand, making our dreams into a reality.”  The effort and dedication is nonstop and the sisters would not have it any other way.

Today, the sisters, Pinar and Songul, are living their dream.  However, it was not always this way.  In fact, they started out their career paths quite differently.  Initially, they pursued the traditional route that follows secondary school: university.  Both sisters attained university degrees.  One opted for teaching while the other dived into the corporate world.  It did not take more than a few years to realize that although nothing wrong innately with the career paths, it simply was not for them.  A yearning for a deeper sense of self and independence was brewing within.  The sisters, both being skincare and all things beauty connoisseurs themselves, decided to take a leap of faith and bring what was once a dream of being a global entrepreneur into a reality.  From that point on, the rest was history and MagniSkin was born.

Today, MagniSkin stands as a salon, brand, and even academy.  That’s right – the sisters have taken their art to a whole nother level.  Not only do they tailor to clients in efforts to give them their best skin ever but they are also reaching out to others to learn the craft as well.  When the sisters are not busy addressing their clientele and students, they are busy curating content for their social media platform that boasts over thirty thousand followers.  MagniSkin is all around the product of a cycle of passion and dedication.

To keep up to date and book an appointment with MagniSkin, check out their website and Instagram handle.

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