It’s time to level up your look and amplify the rest of your wardrobe in the process. Utilizing the bright, bold, big, busy, and other more extreme attributes of statement jewelry can skyrocket your confidence by seeing heads turn when you pass or getting countless compliments on those pieces. Dress up wearing statement jewelry with a casual sundress or a favorite pair of jeans and a new top. Transform a sharp pantsuit into an ambition-fueled power suit by pairing it with statement pieces. Electrify Saturday night’s club wear and demand attention from everyone you meet wearing when integrating any of these flattering types of jewelry. Find which of the eight pieces of statement jewelry styles will best fit into your wardrobe.


Bohemian Inspiration

Bohemian or boho jewelry is typically made of copper, bronze, rose gold, or Tibetan silver. Embellishments include a variety of both large and smaller stones such as turquoise, red agate, opal, or amethyst. Feathers, leaves, birds, and celestial bodies such as the sun and moon are a few common themes in boho jewelry.

Dangling Earrings

No matter what your favorite style looks like, you can intensify it by adding a pair of dangles—glitter with glamour with rhinestone chandelier earrings. Rock out your edgy inner punk with strips of black leather and gunmetal chains on a pair of big hoops. Achieve a quirky, fun, feminine flair by adding a pair of neon peach, fringe-layered, waterfall earrings

Body Chains

Even at their most modest and minimal design, body chains are the definition of sexy statement jewelry. Exposed by a crop top, a simple, thin, gold body chain wrapping just above the beltline of low-rise skirts or jeans adds just a taste of style that’s both chic and wild. Step into a cocktail party with bold confidence that demands attention and respect by wearing an embellished body chain that drapes over the shoulders, also called shoulder necklaces. Brig the heat to the beach or the pool with a body chain bikini over your favorite two-piece.


Carrying a memory in a photograph along with you is a sentimental way to wear statement jewelry. No matter what image you chose or why that was the one, wearing a locket necklace gives new opportunities to tell the story behind it. The nostalgia that accompanies locket necklaces is its beauty. Then consider its other beautiful features, such as the external design, and you’re guaranteed to be noticed.

Wide Cuff Bracelets

Minimalist designs in solid metals always make for a great choice on a cuff you can wear anywhere with anything. Go for pearl and gem adornments and more intricate designs for a glamorous hue of style. Alternatively, wide cuffs shaped geometrically as squares or triangles tilts the style toward edgy and modern. You could even find a slightly more narrowed rose gold or silver cuff with only little embellishments, if any, and group it with a few thin and stackable bangles.

Chokers and Collar Necklaces

Another fantastic way to vamp up your style is tying on an enticing faux-diamond collar or a snug leather choker with floral embroidery. Gaining popularity quickly, chokers and collars are often confused one for the other. Here’s a snippet of differentiating details:

  • Chokers are shorter than Collars
  • Collars should sit at the base of the neckline and be clearly noticeable most blouses
  • Chokers secure in the center of the neck and are visible while wearing anything cut lower than a turtleneck

Exaggerated Anklets

Big, shining rhinestone anklets are hot this summer. Some styles even cover a part of the foot by connecting to a toe ring. You can wear other fun anklets with your favorite open-toe flats, including ethnic beaded anklets, tribalistic Tibetan or Mexican silver anklets, and layering several thin charm anklets. a

There are also anklets with adornments that are intended to accentuate high heels with draping chains or dangling jewels. There are countless varieties of anklet styles and designs that you can wear to flatter your feet and make a bold, fierce statement every time you wear one of them.

Animalistic Inspiration

From pendants and charms shaped like a peacock and other types of feathers to leopard-spotted and tiger-striped earrings and bangles, the fashion world has always been wild over patterns mimic those of the animal kingdom. Cobra, wolf, or lion’s head are popular themes for ring designs. Owl and kitten earrings are adorable character statement pieces. You can even wear a T-Rex on your bracelet or necklace!

Final Thoughts

No matter what your style is geared toward, be it punk, classic, hippie, or just the girl next door, there are abundant statement jewelry pieces to level up your style game. Try a few of these ideas and see which of them is best for you. Dare to have the confidence and charisma to wear bold statement jewelry.

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