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Anyone who wants to renovate their home knows that many decisions are waiting for them and that they are accompanied by challenges. First the question of the style and the desired mechanism in the area stands. But that’s not all, someone has to be found to do the job. If the planning stands for the basic conditions, you must take care of a reliable and competent service provider.Anyone who still listens carefully will also come across many implementation proposals. So it is normal for your own plans and ideas to change. This is particularly common in the field of ceiling cladding. Until now, many people have relied on rather timeless and minimalist furnishing styles. For this reason, there is often the decision to use white plastered and painted plasterboard ceilings. Since most laymen lack specialized knowledge, alternatives are not considered at all. If you get an expert it can happen that you are presented with other solutions.

A definitely favourable alternative is, for example, a stretch ceiling. This advantage is compared to plasterboard ceilings in that these can not only be plastered and painted, but are also available in matt or glossy finish from selected manufacturers. In this way you get an extraordinary design for your premises. This is because glossy stretch lacquer ceilings also visually enlarge the room through the reflections of light.

But there is even more to consider. If you decide on a stretch ceiling, ( Here is an example for a great manufacturer: the quality is absolutely crucial. These include factors such as warranty, material procurement, place of manufacture and certification. Many of the proven and selected manufacturers provide the information on their homepages or disclose it on request.

The following guidelines for these factors speak for the quality: A high-quality and regional purchase of the material, the guarantee of 5-15 years for the processing, at least an A+ certification and the manufacturing in Germany.

The installation of special indirect lighting modules is also possible in a stretch ceiling. This creates a special ambience in the room. Full-surface light modules can also be used to illuminate rooms. These are particularly often used in kitchens or bathrooms, as this lighting does not cast shadows.

The example clearly shows that a renovation in itself brings with it a multitude of new ideas. Therefore, a courageous search for different solutions in connection with a good service provider can be very worthwhile!

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