In an effort to bring some serious testertone to this four-time winning digital publication, INSCMagazine is going to present to all the lovely ladies our new Man Crush Monday column. This column will feature the hottest and sexiest men—not boys, but MEN!—from all over the world, as they talk about dating, sex, being a man. You know guy stuff.

To all the men out there, bro up, and get your game face on, because you got some comp!


The land of endless jungle and rain forests, soccer and perhaps the hottest women on earth. From Sao Paolo to Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, there is not one Brazilian who dreams of wearing the countries storied gold kit of their beloved five-time World Cup champion, Selecao.

While this country—the largest in South America—has produced it’s fair share of futbol gods such as Pele, Ronaldo, Zico and most recently, Neymar, Brazil is become more famous for some of the supermodels that seem to sprout up from it’s native rain forest soil and sunny beaches such as Mrs. Tom Brady—nee Gisele Bundchen—and fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel goddess, Alessandrio Ambrosio. One other export that Brazil is becoming famous for quickly is men, and in male models.

Not many would think of Brazil as a male model production line, but perhaps Sao Paolo native, Kyle Flta could change that stereotype.

Chiseled, dark and brooding, the 44-year-old hunk and architect seems to emit a sense of macho toughness with enough mystery to garner a growing female fan base thanks to being a adult creator of content and part-time model on MyKrush. While he may play for the other team, that will surely not dissuade both men and women from wanting to know more—and know who is the Handsome Man from Brazil.

Below is my Q and A with Kyle as we talk modeling, creating adult content, being gay in today’s world, life as an architect and his celeb crush.


Man Up!


Name: Kyle FLTA

Age: 44

Height: 1.88

Social Media Links: Instagram: @kyle.flta | Twitter: @kyle-FLTA

Where are you from? I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tell Us A Little About Yourself! I’m a 44-year-old gay man from Brazil. I’m a qualified architect but don’t work with architecture anymore. Right now, I’m a part-time English teacher and part-time model/adult creator. I am single and have been exploring my exhibitionist side online recently, the adult creator role is a lot of fun!

You’re in great shape – what are your top fitness and health tips?

If you’re just starting out, my tip is to have patience and persistence.

You’re never going to achieve your goals if you don’t take things step-by-step. Working out is not easy, it can be boring sometimes, but you have to keep going and eventually the results will come. Finding an activity you like helps a lot.

Anyway, consistency is the key. And that works for diet and health, too.

On the other hand, health and fitness should never be stressful, so balance is essential. Some tequilas from time to time are allowed, lol. Just do it in moderation!

What are your guilty pleasures?  Definitely, carbs, I could spend the whole day eating just bread, lol. All of my other pleasures, sex included, are just pleasurable, so no guilt involved thankfully!

What are your hobbies? As an architect, I love going to new places and buildings, so travelling is my favourite hobby. I love photography, but am still a beginner, it’s a career that I’d like to pursue in the future. Maybe male nude photography, being on the other side of the camera photographing models… not a bad idea.

My everyday hobbies are pretty normal: working out, watching films and reading. Oh, and is sex considered a hobby? [laughing]

Who is the most beautiful woman and most handsome guy in the World? That’s a tough one. Maybe the supermodel Giselle Bundchen, from my country. I also think the actress Charlize Theron is stunning, as is actress Scarlet Johansson, there are so many others to be honest! As for the most handsome guy, the actor Chris Evans is probably my first choice and the model Pietro Boselli comes second place.

Who is your idol, and why? Madonna, for sure, since I was a kid. The way she took risks artistically and confronted the hypocrisy in society, and the way she gave a voice to the gay community in a time when we were invisible is absolutely incredible. I feel I was kind of educated by her, about safe sex, gay rights, not caring about what other people think, standing up for yourself, so many things.  She is amazing!

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself? I have ADHD, so I’m having a hard time concentrating and answering these questions, lol.

You’re an adult entertainer on platform and sell X-rated photos and videos to your fans. Why did you get in to that line of work and do you enjoy it? I was online one day and saw an Instagram story of a very handsome guy I had been following for a while in which he mentioned one of his fan pages, so I immediately paid for the monthly subscription. I was surprised to see that it had all kinds of X-rated material. Then I realised many other hot people had fan pages with similar content and it got me thinking.

I had been posing naked for some photographers here in Brazil and had lots of material I had never posted on my social media, because they showed too much nakedness, plus I was not comfortable with showing that much in public.

After seeing the other adult fan pages, something clicked in me one day and I decided to open an account of my own to post my naked/more sexy material. It was not long before I started posting solo videos and right now I’ve just scheduled my first sex scene. It all happened really fast and I like being able to make an income from something I enjoy. You can join my 18+ fan page at:

In all of your time as an online adult creator, what’s the strangest request you have received from a fan? Nothing really strange up to now. I am pretty ok with all requests I’ve received, from selling my used underwear to pictures of my feet.

Human sexuality and fetishes are very interesting, but ask me again in a year, lol.

Do others treat you any differently because of your job in the adult entertainment business? I have very open-minded friends, so they treat me the same as before. If someone treats me differently, it’s their problem, not mine. So I don’t care. That’s a lesson I learned with age. If I were younger, I probably would care more about that.

What are your goals/dreams for the next few years? I still have my regular job, so one of my goals is to earn a full-time living as an online adult creator. I guess it will happen soon with My Krush when my fan base grows there. I also dream of travelling to different countries to see more of the World and about collaborating with different creators to produce hot quality videos and photos for my fans.

If you had to choose one of these, what would you choose and why? Be very unattractive and super wealthy – or super handsome but poor forever more…The first option. Having money, you have easier access to many treatments (including psychological ones) which can make you feel better about yourself and look good. Being super handsome is temporary – age comes to everyone – and without the money, you can’t keep the same beauty at an old age.

Having said that, I don’t believe money solves every problem and is the key to happiness, but, given those 2 options, I’d go for the first.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in life so far? Overcoming my fears, limitations and inner demons, those were and, are, bigger than anything else in the outside World. On a more practical level, though, I could say that breaking-up and ending my marriage has been the biggest challenge.

Finally, sum yourself up in 5 words…Friendly, understanding, determined, fair and clumsy.

Special thanks to Kyle Flta and Intrigue Agency for their time and assistance during this Man Crush Monday! column

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