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Marketing: 5 Growth Hacks To Acquire Customers Through Social Media

The 21st century is the dawn of advertising campaigns on social media. We are more into social media, and it has a fantastic visitor engaging pattern that helps to determine the customer’s intent easily. The presence on social media is the key to get the leads and conversions.

Measuring Customer Acquisition metrics has become crucial for marketers. It is essential to figure out whether the edges are actually bringing in revenue for the company and also trail the customer’s behavior. These are critical parameters that can help to track the customers and get the growth figures for the company’s revenue.

Many campaigns do not have a successful result. It is essential to acquire a social media certification in order to know the tricks of setting a good customer base through social media. Therefore, it is not only about setting up the campaign and expecting a result, but we also have to work on it. Well, this is not just about working hard, but also about knowing the exact tricks to get a successful result.

Here are some of the handy hacks that can help you get a better Customer Acquisition result. While each parameter has been discussed in a generalized tone, it is also essential to have a good understanding of your own business too. This is because social media works and reacts differently to varying businesses.

Having a good idea regarding what works and what doesn’t for your business is a huge plus. If you know this, all of these social media hacks will work wonders to help you retain your old customers and acquire new ones as well.

# Communicate with your customers

Speak to your customer and make your presence felt. There will always be numerous queries once you set up a campaign and when you revert, it will send a positive outlook.

Once you start replying, and send acknowledgments where you apologize for the inconvenience and inform them about the new offers with a time-frame, you are sure of getting more visitors to your page and thereby the chances of lead generation becomes even more viable. This is also important for the overall enhancement of customer experience.

The key to an optimal communication is having a professional tone also while you deal with impatient and pretty rude customers who have that habit of blabbering unnecessarily. Whoever your customer is your approach should be pleasant, polite and thoroughly professional. This is one of the most critical factors to grab customers and get positive feedback for your company.

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# Make good use of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and is best for deals which take place between two businesses. Most of the customers are anonymous users. Everyone does not log in to the browser before they are redirected to your website.

Therefore, it is best to create a submission form that will have the necessary information about the person who pays a visit to your site. With the Leadfeeder application you can synchronize the LinkedIn profile and push all the data to the CRM so that whenever there is a click, the CRM keeps reminding the customer about it.

Since LinkedIn is considered the superior social media site, you can always count on it to get the permanent customer. Maintain the customer base from LinkedIn accordingly.

Image Source- www.socialmediaimpact.com

# Track the location of your customers

When you set up a campaign, you have to select a set of a target location. Well, that is not all. When you get leads and conversions, you have to check out the place of the customers, based on that you will have to reset the target areas.

This will help you grab more and more customers from that particular area. The target audience is always not who you think, but who it turns out to be. Therefore, make a note and make sure that you keep track of the location of your customers.

This is a primary task that is missed out by everyone, but this is a significant and crucial part to continue getting lead and thereby conversions for you as a business entity.

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# Experiment with various campaigns and promotional activities

Many things are not taught in the class. Only having a social media certification will not always help. You need to experiment and be open to various ideas. You need to create engaging polls, host a contest or a giveaway program, ask for the feedback of the customer, use hashtags that are viable for the promotion of the product, recognize your most engaging customers and keep them engaged.

You can also make excellent use of the deals and discounts which are on offer. Engaging the customers is a very crucial social media strategy, and you have to work very hard for making its best use literally.

The main focus here is keeping your customers engaged in a pretty interactive way so that they do not get bored while searching for the products. You can follow all the related products at the bottom of the page so that people click on the available products. You also need to give an engaging call to action button to ensure a good promotion and also make sure that you have the tracker link into it.


Image Source- www.socialmediaimpact.com

This will help you grab more and more customers while also keeping them engaged. Always make sure that your posts are what your customers should look up to and therefore, it is up to you for making every wait count, and you will surely get a fruitful result out of it.

# Creating a brand with social media

Your customers are the people who will represent your brand when it comes to social media. The concept of social media is dealing with people with whom you never had a personal interaction with and never met them too. Keeping the statement in a low and straightforward tone that sends a high message is rather tough work.

Therefore, you will have to make sure that the majority of your customers always speak the best about you. You cannot do anything about the pessimistic ones. This can only result when you are communicating with your customer and have an idea about their many likes and dislikes.

Mention is the new app that can help you track every mention on the internet. That is if anyone mentions your business name on the internet, this app will notify you about that. This is one of the best hacks to track down the feedbacks and revert accordingly. This is an app for the people who are planning to track down every positive and negative feedback about their product.

Over To You

The entire world is revolving around social media. It has brought people much closer and has resulted in a promising platform for a good and useful advertising platform with positive results.

“The statistical result says that about 39% of adults give their feedback about their experience on social media.”

Therefore, make these votes count, communicate with your customers and generate the link to track down their behavior. Make social media a platform to advertise and generously sell your products to your target customers. Last but not least, you always should keep an eye on your competitors.

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