Well, it finally happened. After months of speculation as to what Cable will look like, we finally saw the first images a few days ago. In case you don’t know, Cable has been both the friend and foe of Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

Production for the Deadpool movie began back in June and there was a teaser trailer that was leaked online, but no mention or sight of Cable. If you recall at the end of the original Deadpool, there was a mention that if they could get someone to play Cable then there would be a sequel. I will admit I am surprised that they went with Brolin in the first place. I am not saying it was a bad choice at all, just a little surprised. In the pictures I have seen of Cable, Brolin wasn’t who I was thinking.

I was thinking of two specific people who would have fit the role. Ron Perlman, who played Hellboy and former WWE/WCW superstar Kevin Nash. I figured it to be these two because they have the height (Perlam is 6 foot 1, and Nash is 6 foot 10). Also in the pictures, Cable has slicked back gray hair and both of these guys have that Cable look. I am not saying Josh Brolin is bad, just he wasn’t my first choice. I don’t think of Brolin when I think of Cable. However, as long as the director does the rest of production for Deadpool 2, I hope it is as good as the first one.

I am curious to see how they bring him into the movie in the first place. In the original, there is no major mention of Cable until the end when you have the extras. So I hope they write him into the movie the right way.

Deadpool 2 will be one of three X-Men movies set to release in 2018. The other two are New Mutants, which will be about the younger class of X-Men. Then there is Dark Phoenix, which will follow the 2015 X-Men movie. In case you didn’t see Josh Brolin as Cable, here it is:

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Photo is courtesy of empireonline.com

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