Life is many things for different people. It’s a curse for some, while for others, it’s a blessing. For Dr. Ross Blagg, life is an opportunity to prove one’s worth and a chance to explore your passions. Being a heart disease survivor, he aims to squeeze all there is out of this life.

Dr. Blagg grew up on a farm in Arkansas. He was only 9 weeks old when diagnosed with congenital heart disease. The ordeal that his family had to go through upon receiving news and the subsequent surgical process can only be imagined. The baby Ross had to undergo open-heart surgery, which was successful. Ross then visited a Cardiologist for follow-up until he turned five years old.

Fortunately, that was that. Today, Ross is an acclaimed plastic surgeon globally with years of experience in the field. On top of that, he is also a known philanthropist who dedicates much of his free time to helping people who need plastic surgery but cannot afford it.

To this end, he ran an organization called Humanitarian Plastic Surgery during his residency. The organization focused on coordinating surgeries overseas in poorer countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be lethal for Dr. Blagg’s humanitarian ambitions as it barred this altruistic person from carrying out surgical missions in Haiti and Guatemala, the countries he visited once or twice every year. As a result, he invested his energy in pursuing a humanitarian mission inside the country by starting Plastic Surgery Road Trip (“PSRT”).

Produced by Lyfe in Plastic Productions, Plastic Surgery Road Trip is a docuseries in which Dr. Blagg and a new buddy embark on a road trip journey in search of the most deserving people who need plastic surgery. The group finds such people, meets them and explores their lives to learn their stories. The person then travels to Austin for surgery.

Each adventurous and inspiring mission is recorded and aired on YouTube, from the road trip to the treatment. “PSRT allows me to combine my favorite things in life all into one!” says Dr. Blagg when asked what he loves about the project. You can also follow the daily adventures of Dr. Blagg on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg.

Dr. Blagg is an ambitious man determined to make the most of his youthful years. He wants to assist people who want to revamp their lives. He also wants parents with kids who have congenital heart defects to know that a normal and amazing life can still be in their future.



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