ORLANDO, FL — Due to COVID-19 MegaCon, 2020 was canceled.  I for one was very sad as I enjoy covering this event but I am sure there were far more people who were equally if not sadder than I was.  This year, the convention was a little strange because of the accommodations for COVID-19 protocols.  Everyone had to wear masks regardless of whether you were cosplaying or not.

In addition, the celebrities who were there signing autographs would also be wearing masks. I am not sure if they were able to take their masks off for photo ops but I believe they were. Also, hopefully for next year they can be back in the North or South Concourse as the West Concourse was a nightmare to get to.

The Red Carpet Cosplay Runway show was a huge hit as they did it two times a day and each time it lasted about 2-3 hours.  There were so many good cosplay costumes I had a hard time picking out some of my favorites.  Make sure you comment on the article and let me know which one was your favorite.



There were also a number of celebrities on hand and the fans were lined up in droves to get a photo/autograph with them.  You had George Takei, William Shatner, Ray Fisher, and Rodger Bumpass (Voice of Squidward) all on hand throughout the weekend. The ones I got pictures of were Aimee Garcia and Kevin Alejandro from Netflix’s Lucifer.

I then got pics from everyone’s favorite family Full House stars Bob Sagat, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier.


Pictures also of Adam Savage from Mythbusters, Ron Perlman from Hellboy, David Koechner from various different things and by far the one who had the most personality Michael Rooker notably of The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Overall, the experience was great and can not wait til next year’s show. Until then Live Long and Prosper and see y’all next year.



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