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Michael’s Thoughts: Why The Cleveland Browns 2017 Season Offers Hope

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Well Browns fans, we are halfway through another preseason and for the first time in I honestly don’t remember how long we can say we are 2-0.

Now don’t get wrong, I know this is not a Super Bowl team, nor will they likely compete for an AFC North title. In fact, the Vegas line on the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl is 150-1 and in this I am inclined to agree with the experts.

Yet there we have something here in the Dawg Pound we have not had for a very long time…..hope.

In my younger years each season was filled with wide-eyed optimism. Anything was possible, but after several decades of aging that optimism has been tempered with age, realism, frustration, and quite possible heavy doses of anti-depressants.

Despite all of this however I feel for the first time in a very long time that finally, and I do mean FINALLY, the Browns are on the right path towards success (Provided we the fans and the organization have the patience to see it through).

I could go through the Browns history since 1999 but since most of our brains are suffering from PTSD over the past two decades I will simply move forward. I see this team after a 1-15 season a year ago moving forward.

Thanks to adding the likes of Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, Jason McCourty and the emergence of Joe Schobert, the front lines have been much improved on both sides of the ball. The defense itself under coordinator Gregg Williams will likely be a top 15 defense which will keep this team in a lot of games this year.

We also have three good running backs in Isaiah Crowell, Duke Johnson and Matthew Dayes to take advantage of a revamped and very expensive offensive line which should open holes and provide honest to God protection in the passing game.

I also see a rookie QB in DeSean Kizer who has all the tools to be a premier QB in this league if coached properly, and given some time to develop.

Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown are quite literally building a franchise that will be able to compete for years to come IF we give them a chance to see their vision to through fruition.

Don’t expect miracles this year, but expect a team close to 500 which will turn some heads and start earning respect in the NFL. It’s going to be an interesting season Browns fans, so buckle up.

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