Millionaire citizenship

Montenegro has already been called the new French Riviera. And billionaires from all over the world are paying to become a citizen of this tiny European country.

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, the number of applications for a Montenegrin passport increased by 142%! At the same time, the strict quota remains the same — only two thousand people will receive Montenegrin citizenship, and the local government has decided that at the end of 2021, the citizenship by investment program will be closed.

So what attracts investors to Montenegro and how to get Montenegro citizenship read in our article.

Top 5 advantages of Montenegrin passport

According to the official data of the Central Bank of Montenegro, 66 millionaires live in this country who are attracted by the opportunity to run a profitable business and a high standard of living. For example, life in Porto Montenegro’s harbor, which grew to the size of a separate luxury town. Regional berths can accommodate superyachts; 10,000 square meters are allocated for luxury shops, numerous hotels and restaurants, bars and boutiques, sports complexes, a museum, a conference center, and an art gallery for every taste are situated here. 

However, if we talk about the benefits of Montenegro for investors, in particular, we should identify such points as: 

  • Freedom of movement: using a passport of Montenegro, you can visit 124 countries without visas. And this is not only the Schengen area; you can fly to Singapore, Hong Kong, and even the UAE.
  • Way to the USA: Montenegro entered into an E-2 trade agreement with the United States. So, with the passport of this country, you can get a nonimmigrant visa of the E-2 class that allows you to live, study and work in America.
  • European citizenship: Montenegro should join the European Union as early as 2025. This means that all citizens of this country will automatically become citizens of the European Union, having received the support of a stable and long-lived economic system, complete freedom of travel, and the world’s best protection of human rights.
  • Second citizenship: Montenegro officially allows dual citizenship — the investor does not need to refuse the first passport.
  • Excellent climate: Montenegro offers a choice of three climatic zones. The Adriatic coast has long, hot summers and cool, comfortable winters. Severe frost and deep snow are possible in the northern regions. The center of Montenegro is an ideal golden mean.

How to become a citizen of Montenegro

So how can you get citizenship of Montenegro? You can do it in only one way — donate €100,000 to a government fund and choose a suitable property to buy a share in this project.

The Montenegrin government approves all the objects, so you cannot invest in something else. Available projects are ski resorts in the north of Montenegro and resort complexes on the Adriatic coast. The best options from the government list are:

  • Bianca Resort and Spa
  • Hotel Breza
  • Durmitor Hotel and Villas
  • Bjelasica 1450

These are ski resorts in the northern regions, and the investment in any of them is €250,000.

  • Boka Place.

This is a new city section in the famous luxury town of Porto Montenegro. It is proposed to invest €450,000 in an apartment managed by the SIRO hotel.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship in Montenegro is effortless. But in order not to face minor troubles and an abundance of paperwork, it is worth entrusting this issue to licensed professional agents. For example, the experts of Migronis know what documents are needed and exactly how to submit them. They will collect, translate and apostille all the necessary papers and do everything to make the process as fast and reliable as possible. The investor will receive the European passport in six months. You can find out more details on the company’s website —

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