VIENNA, AUSTRIA — The Miss Europe Directorate named Serbian-born Isidora Bogdanović Miss Europe 2020.

This 19-year-old beauty graduated from law school, and she told Diva Magazine, her big life goal is the Faculty of Political Sciences. In addition to popular psychology, which she adores and enjoys reading, Bogdanovic is fluent in English, and she plans a course to improve her Spanish.

A former athlete in her native Serbia, Bogdanovic played volleyball for six years, and she can definitely thank the sport for her athletic, toned and firm figure many women dream of. During her downtime during COVID, she continued to maintain her fit figure in the gym.

Thanks to her stunning combination of curves, beauty and brains, this beautiful young lady will adorn many world covers, as well as billboards in the very near future—if not soon.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, she has had to postpone numerous campaigns, which she would continue after the situation had calmed down.

She has also been invited to New York Fashion Week, where she will wear creations by global brand, Sherri Hill, and plans to perfect herself in two more foreign languages. In addition to all of her busy work in modelling, traveling and working out, she has begun writing a book.

In the coming year, Isidora has many commitments on the horizon, as many see her as modelling’s next big “it” superstar.

With upcoming visits to various embassies, guest appearances across Europe, and plans to appear on television across Europe in Ljubljana, Vienna, Moscow, Paris, London, Milan and Budapest, the Serbian beauty is gonna be busy, in demand and a face that many in the fashion and modeling world will become very familiar in 2021 and beyond.

Follow her on Instagram at @iisidorab

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