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It’s undebatable that mixing e-liquids is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a vaper. Getting creative and experimenting with some of your favourite concentrates is a fantastic step to make if you’re looking to change up your vaping routine. If you’re going to get involved, you may as well do it right. With that in mind, we’ve created a quick guide on the best methods of creating your own e-liquid concoctions. Check it out below.

As always, taking safety precautions should be your number one priority. Too many vapers fall into the easy trap of getting complacent when mixing, so make sure you’re all prepared with gloves, syringes and the right kind of measuring glasses. When you’re looking for the type of concentrates you’d like to try mixing, we’d suggest checking out T-Juice. They’ve got a huge range of premium flavours, shortfill bottles and even some starter packs for beginners. You’ll also need some PG and VG to get you started too.

Ready to go? Let’s get mixing! Use an online vaping calculator to help you out with all the maths and measure out your desired VG/PG ratios, nicotine and concentrates with the use of your syringe, separating them into different bottles. We’d always suggest mixing any concentrates you have at around 25% ratio for the optimum vape.

When you have it all measured right, it’s time to blend up your PG/nicotine solution into your main bottle. When you mix your nicotine always ensure that you’ve blended it with your PG. As with all of these instructions, it’s important to get everything shaken, stirred and mixed up to perfection. Next up, add your VG alongside the concentrates you’ve chosen. As always, give it all a big shake 

Here comes the fun bit: a taste test. Put some of your mix into an RDA or tank and double-check everything is in order with the mix. Don’t worry if it’s not quite right – this whole process takes a bit of time to pick up but you’ll be a pro in no time at all. Remember – the only way to find that unique mix is by trying and failing first!

Another top bit of mixing advice is to leave your newly made e-liquids to steep. If you’re patient enough to leave them in a dark place for a few days they’ll be smoother and more flavoursome than before. While you might have to be patient to wait for the end result, the e-liquid will taste all the better for it. 

If you’ve just taken your first steps on a smoke-free journey, mixing up your e-liquids could be a great way to up your interest in vaping. You’ll also be able to take further control of your nicotine levels, allowing you to stop those irritating smoking triggers and cravings. Don’t get put off by the apparent complicated nature of mixing – it’s all a lot simpler than it first seems. Start off slow with some simple mixes and then venture into your own concoctions. You never know – you could be brewing up your own e-liquid brand in no time!

Whether you’ve steeped your e-liquid or not, get that vape juice in your tank and enjoy. Don’t be too disappointed if it’s not how you imagined – you can always try again straight away! Making that step towards a DIY vape is deeply rewarding and can truly enhance your experience and relationship with vaping. If you’ve felt intimidated by it – don’t be! It’s nowhere near as confusing as you might have thought. Grab your gloves, measure out your concentrate and get mixing!

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