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Image It has always been a wonder to me how some mothers can maintain a spotless household, prepare amazing meals, made sure the laundry got folded and put away, attend every child’s event, while making it to the gym and keep up with the latest trending do it yourself  project. All While still having time for herself. This isn’t to say that all “SuperMoms” superpowers come in a little pill called Adderall. Most mothers have the natural ability, yet between 2002 and 2010, there’s been a ridiculous 750 percent increase in prescriptions for the drug–popular in treating ADHD–for women 26 to 39 years old and, according to ABC News, critics agree that not all women have the need for the drug. Being a parent is hard work! 50 years ago it looked a lot easier and at that time there weren’t luxuries to take advantage of such as a microwave or a washer and dryer. All too often moms are feeling like failures because they’re not “the perfect housewife or mother” like their mothers or grandmothers. Creating too much pressure to strive for perfection. People may think you know what an addict looks like. Have you ever looked at a mother in a grocery store happily pushing a cart with children by her side, dressed and made up perfectly, she’s happy taking the arguments of her children in stride? Then wondering “How does she do that?” Well she could be an addict. That’s something that didn’t come to mind now didn’t it? Adderall by definition is described as ‘prescription speed’, it’s an amphetamine, for those who don’t require it to treat for ADHD. It’s become too easy to obtain from doctors. A child is too hyper, so what happens? That said child needs a chemical to change the behavior. The mothers then take their child’s prescription to use lose weight, keep them focused, or to be focused and have the energy for all she wants to accomplish. An addicted person starts taking more and more to achieve the “up” feeling. Lying to doctors about losing the prescription or having it stolen. Once their ruse is uncovered it obviously no longer gets prescribed, which may cause drastic action and instead turn to methamphetamine. This person will then start having their life spiral out of control. Making it worse is that overdosing on Adderall is easy. Soon, it means their heart will start racing and pounding, breathing becomes more and more difficult, body heat rises and in some cases the result is death. As someone who has personally witnessed women who have turned to methamphetamine after Adderall. Surprising it wasn’ t to see one person eventually losing her children, her husband, and even her career. She is now in prison serving 10 years for distribution of methamphetamine. It never has to go to the extreme, interventions can be had. There are many treatment options available for amphetamine abuse and addiction. If you suspect someone of using and abusing. Talk to them.

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