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More Guidelines on Selecting Reliable Bicycle Helmets

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It is spontaneous whatever happens in the road, be it you are walking by the sidewalk, driving your car or riding your bicycle, anything and everything can occur as the road is not under your control. But you can control any road accident by taking precaution and prevention. It is sometimes questioned that whether it is necessary to wear a helmet when you are cycling or not, where the belief of ‘Safety is the number one priority is a contrary. One should always invest in the safety by investing in a good helmet.

#6 Easy Ways to Choose the Best Bicycle Helmet

There are different types of helmets available in the market and you need to choose a reliable bicycle helmet for your safety. Here you can find some tips to choose the best helmets:

  1. The Right Fit: You should always get the helmet of your right size, not a size bigger, not a size smaller. It not only gives you the perfect fit but also adds on another layer of safety as the inner layer of sponge can completely grip your head, cutting off the chances of head injuries if an accident occurs. The reliable bicycle helmet should always come down halfway of the forehead ensuring your whole head is protected.
  1. Pick up the Right color: The helmet should always be of a bright color which can be easily spotted. So that if one meets an accident and lies down on the roadside, someone can easily spot them by the bright color of the helmet. In case you ride at night, it is also recommended to pick up helmets designed with reflectors, so that lights can reflect from your reliable bicycle helmet and notify others about your presence.
  1. Certified standards: One can rely on the certified standards according to the country. But a certified standard imprint helps the consumer to be reliable on the purchase of safety. A certified standard ensures that the helmet used crushable expanded polystyrene and expanded polypropylene. The sponge of the inside layer is for grip and comfort whereas the outer craft is purely to protect the head. A reliable bicycle helmet should always have a standard.
  1. Know the type you need: There are many types of the helmet and one should know what type is needed as per the purpose. Road bike helmets are usually of low weight and much more comfortable. Whereas mountain bike helmets are slightly heavier and stronger, you can feel some neck pain by wearing such helmets. It is recommended to avoid fancy looking helmet as they cannot protect your head in any way.
  1. MIPS: MIPS stand for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This kind of helmets gives extra protection during a bike crash. It helps to prevent the rotational forces occurring in the time of friction. It also features a low friction layer which rotates slightly around the head during an accident, so that the friction gets ineffective to some extent. A reliable bicycle helmet should contain MIPS technology and they can provide you extra layers of protection.
  1. Comfort: Choose a helmet according to your comfort otherwise you may tend to open it more often increasing the risk on the roads. Choose a reliable bicycle helmet with proper ventilation so that you don’t feel uncomfortable and sweaty while paddling. Choose you liked visors to enhance the style. If you need an airport also check on that. Choose the straps which are more comfortable for you.

It is always beneficial to spend on the right helmet on which your life can rely on. As the road is uncertain, you should always be a step ahead in the matter of protection.

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