planned date with a stranger

Going on a planned date with a stranger? There could be a lot of things going on in your mind. But worry not, dating is part of life and some considerations ca make it easy for you. Dates are necessary if you want romance in life and it is one way to get to know the other person, before you decide to get intimate or pass. Any first date is basically with a stranger, except in cases where you have known the other person as an acquaintance or family friend. Dates can be exciting and open new opportunities for you. But at the same time, there could be things that could end up bad on the date. Here is a quick list that could go wrong and it is only an attempt to help you be prepared.

Different looking

This is a very common thing amongst people who meet in reality for the first time. The other person may not look exactly like the photo they had put online. The photo could be of a younger man or woman or a taller person, whereas the one you meet is older or shorter. These are just examples to show how different people can look in real life. Online, people often portray themselves to look a certain way – mostly good. They can photoshop their pictures or upload an older picture, making themselves look better online. And this may seem harmless, but we often choose whom we want to date based on their looks. It is the first impression that we have of them and depending on their facial or physical features, we may want to go ahead with dating or not.

Have a different personality

As mentioned above, people can portray themselves to be someone else online as you cannot confirm who they are on a virtual platform. They may behave pleasantly virtually, but in real life their personality may not be that great. Someone may come across online as confident and well mannered, but in reality, could be the opposite. And while this may not be a danger to life, it can create an unpleasant scene for you. If she/he tends to be clingy then they may create an embarrassing scene in a public place. If you need some help in handling certain dating situations, endless options provide tutorials on how to date someone online. This can be used on a real date as well.

Doesn’t show up

Imagine this, you have taken time off and prepared to meet the date in real life. You go to the salon, get your nails done, dress up and apply makeup only to learn that your date has stood you up. You arrive at the public place, you are excited and after waiting for an hour, the date hasn’t arrived. And the worse thing is he/she hasn’t informed about being late or being unable to come. Just doesn’t arrive at all.

Tries to take advantage

This one is quite scary and applicable if the stranger turns out to be a bad person. He/she may try to take advantage of you in different ways. On a planned date with a stranger one needs to be careful and inform someone close as to your location. Be careful and don’t give away too much personal information on the first date. You never know who will show up and pretend to be your date. Things have ended badly when sometimes, females have been assaulted on the first date.

Creeps up

This is also a no no. This can happen if you have given too much information about yourself or identifiable information about you. The stranger may be a creep up and show up unexpectedly or stalk you. So be careful and try avoiding such situations.

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