LOS ANGELES, CA. JULY 2021 – Nafty – The Adult Token Everybody is Talking About

 Nafty, a DeFi ecosystem for the $97 billion adult industry, concluded the pre-sale of its NAFTY token. More than 400 public investors lapped up all the NAFTY tokens available for pre-sale in less than 54 minutes on July 5th, 2021. Nafty had allocated 3 billion NAFTY tokens worth 1000 BNB for the pre-sale, which represented 3% of the total token supply. In USD, the investors contributed over $300,000 towards the success of the project.

“We have always been confident in our platforms and, while it has been fantastic to see so many people buying the token and signing up to the platforms, the interest has come as no surprise. The ecosystem we have created is set to change the adult industry forever and people can see that.”

Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi

With Adult Tokens being extremely talked about and publisized at the moment, is this just another Token that promises lots but delivers very little? This is what sets Nafty apart from the competition. Nafty has four platforms completed, two of these already launched and generating revenue, another two set to launch in the coming weeks. With a clear roadmap for the future the token holders can be confident the Nafty ecosystem is not only here to stay, but set to change the entire adult industry forever.

Being on the blockchain, every transaction that takes place within the ecosystem generates a passive income for the token holders, making the platform appealing to not only the content creators getting paid for their content but also the consumers who are holding the tokens. By removing the middlemen and dramatically reducing the payment processing fees, Nafty enables adult content creators to earn more, and content consumers to pay less.

“We are excited about the impact we will be making and invite every adult performer and consumer to join us on this journey. For too long, the “Middlemen”, whether the platforms themselves or payment solutions, have been dictating unfair percentages and arbitrary payment procedures, meaning consumers pay more and performers earn less, or in some cases, nothing at all! With Nafty, all this is about to change!”

Nafty CEO Rob Kemenyfi

Having partnered with top Adult industry performers globally Nafty offer the fans exclusive content across their platforms.

Nafty’s four platforms include:


  1. Nafty.tv: A subscription platform of exclusive high-end adult content featuring some of the top Nafty models. All HD 4k premium scenes. Weekly Updates and an Affiliate Program.
  1. NaftyArt.com: An NFT marketplace for adult creators and erotic artists. It gives creators access to a long-term revenue stream without the content restrictions of traditional sites which limit the type of content creators can upload.
  1. NaftyFans.com: A blockchain-based fan club platform that offers lower fees, better payment solutions and built-in marketing tools.
  2. NaftyPay.com: A state of the art payment solution for the adult industry, offering 4% transaction fees, no chargebacks, no holdback and the ability to withdraw the Nafty token and exchange for any crypto currency.

To find out more information or buy Nafty Tokens please visit www.naftytoken.com

For any PR requests, comment or interview requests please contact will@janeowenpr.com

About Nafty

Nafty is a decentralized NSFW ecosystem that empowers content creators using blockchain. It removes intermediaries, offers low-cost payment solutions and marketing tools to help creators build a fanbase. NAFTY is the governance token across the ecosystem.




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