The streak is over. In the early hours on Saturday, the Mississippi St women’s basketball team defeated the UConn Huskies by the score of 66-64 in OT. They will be playing the National title on Sunday night against the South Carolina Gamecocks. This loss put an end to the 111 game winning streak that began for the Huskies back on November 17, 2014.


The sports world has seen a few historical things happen since the Huskies last lost a game. The Cubs and Cavaliers both won championships for the first time in many years, Deflategate had not happened yet, President Obama was in the early stages of his second term, and gas was $3.43 a gallon. This loss was a major shocker as many people from the ESPN experts to even Mississippi St fans thought that UConn would end up running over Mississippi St.

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of woman’s college basketball, however, I give a lot of credence to what the Huskies were able to pull off in this streak. They simply dominated their opponents by beating them by close to 40 points. What makes this streak more interesting is that there was a constant turnover with new players.

It should be worth noting that this wasn’t the first time that these two teams had faced each other. They met in the Sweet 16 last year and UConn ended up beating them by 60 points, the most loop-sided victory in the tournament for the women or men. The Huskies coach Geno Auriemma was interviewed after the game and said, “We had an incredible run, but we came up against a much better team tonight.”

I feel the best way to look at this if you’re the Huskies is that the Bulldogs outplayed you guys, however, you guys played a heck of a game. You now have the opportunity to start a new streak. The Bulldogs are now set to play for the National Championship on Sunday night against the Gamecocks in an all-SEC showdown.

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