New York is no stranger to talent when it comes to music. Some of the greatest artists to ever do it have come out of the Big Apple, and we continuously see new artists break into the industry from this area. LuKing is a blooming artist from the Long Island area of New York looking to join the company of successful artists from the city.


Some artists succeed, but many fail and LuKing doesn’t want to find himself with the likes of those who didn’t have what it takes to succeed. Unlike many of the other young artists looking to catch a break, LuKing has a lot to offer to the music industry that it has never seen before. He shows his versatility in his music by mixing R&B with Hip-Hop elements while still showcasing his lyricism.


Through LuKing’s lyricism he is able to encompass both a timeless and indulgent vibe into every one of his songs. Recently, he released “Luking Won’t Do W/ Mario Intro” and it gives a good indicator of the direction LuKing is aiming to go. Touching on the relatable subject of a new love and getting to know them better, LuKing creates a bond with his fans with his relatability factor, leading him to join a lot of support in a short period of time. With nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify alone from “Luking Won’t Do W/ Mario Intro,” LuKing is onto something special.


Setting himself up to move forward from his new single, LuKing has a lot of new projects on the way. He plans to release a handful of singles throughout the year as well as an EP. Although no one can predict what the future might hold, LuKing is in a prime position to move ahead. He plans to continue to release timeless hits that one day the whole world will be listening to, but in the meantime is grateful for everything he has built thus far.


There is no doubt in LuKing’s mind that he will be the next big artist out of the state of New York if he has anything to say about it. It will be a pleasure to watch this young artist develop into his final form as his career moves on. It is only up from here for LuKing, either ride the wave now or miss out on your chance to come along for the ride.


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