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New York Mets Rumors: No Intentions on moving Steven Matz

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We are a couple of weeks away from the 2017 MLB Trade Deadline. It seems that for the New York Mets, there is one player who they are not going to be looking to move come the end of the month. According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the New York Mets have no interest in moving Steven Matz.

Apparently, there were some teams interested in the young arm and the Mets pretty much shut them out before anything could gain steam. While he could easily be a trade chip for the Mets, they don’t view him like that as of this moment. For starters, they see him as one of the building blocks for this young pitching staff going further. Second off, some say the market for pitchers is almost next to nothing now. There have been several baseball insiders who have made mention that the two biggest names going around now are Sonny Gray of the Oakland A’s and Jose Quintana of the White Sox.

While injuries have plagued Matz’s 2017 season, he does have a 2.12 ERA through five starts. Personally, I am glad that they aren’t looking at trading any of the arms right now. Due to how they have played this first half, and if they want any remote shot at making the Wild Card, they have other areas to focus on that are a bit more important than the pitching. They need to get some new blood in this lineup that would either be coming from the minors or through trades. Unfortunately, the market is so thin this season that this could cause a bit of a problem for them.

However, there are apparently rumblings of the New York Mets getting some pieces back after the All-Star break, so that should give them some assistant. While the division is a long shot to say the least, the 2nd Wild Card spot is still a possibility. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds as we inch closer to the July 31st deadline.

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