Measuring quarterbacks

In most people’s minds, there is a prototype for what they want a  franchise QB to look like. Most would picture a 6’4 or 6’5 230-240 pound guy with a strong accurate arm and mobile enough to avoid sacks. Well, unfortunately, QBs do not grow on trees or picked out of video games. With guys like Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, the league is learning it’s more about being put in the best position to perform. With that said, it still doesn’t hurt if you have the prototypical size that most teams look for. But with the quarterbacks this year, a lot of them look the same, so it will be the on-field drills that separate them.


This isn’t exactly the QB class of 83’, but this year has some solid guys that with the right molding could turn into something good. Thus far, 3 QBs have been labeled the “big 3” of this year’s QB class. In my opinion, none of them are can’t miss guys, but they all have a solid ability, physical attributes, and the mental capacity that they could be able to handle the pressures of leading an NFL franchise. Playing the QB position is more mental than physical. However, you’d like to have a guy that can take a hit and doesn’t look like he will be snapped in half. I’d say you have to be at least 220 pounds.

Most people you speak to have Mitch Trubisky of North Carolina at the top of their list. My issue with him is he started only 1 year and the system he played in, tended to lead to wide open targets. The 2nd member of the top tier included Deshaun Watson of Clemson. He led his team to back to back championship appearances and won the national championship this past season. The issue most have with him is his deep ball accuracy. He also tends to bring his eyes down to run too much. Also in the top tier is Deshone Kizer of Notre Dame. Kizer is physically the most gifted of the top QBs in my opinion. The issue is his team wasn’t good last year. Some put the blame on him.


One of the other quarterbacks that people are talking about a lot includes Pat Mahomes of Texas Tech. He seems like he can make all the throws, but he is in a heavy pass offense. One sleeper I like in the QB group is Brad Kaaya. He played in a pro offense at Miami. Kaaya, when given time, can make every throw and looks very good doing it. He is a little small and has lots of problems with pressure, but what QB doesn’t? All the QBs in this draft have things you can point out to nitpick on. But the best thing you can do is pick the guy who fits in your system.

Below are the Quarterbacks measurements from the 2017 NFL Combine.

Player School Height Weight Hand
C.J. Beathard Iowa 6-3 219 9 3/8
Josh Dobbs Tennessee 6-3 216 9 1/4
Jerod Evans Virginia Tech 6-3 232 9 3/8
Brad Kaaya Miami 6-4 214 9 3/4
Deshone Kizer Notre Dame 6-4 233 9 7/8
Trevor Knight Texas A&M 6-1 219 9 7/8
Mitch Leidner Minnesota 6-3 226 10
Sefo Liufau Colorado 6-3 232 10 3/4
Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech 6-2 225 9 1/4
Nathan Peterman Pittsburgh 6-3 226 9 7/8
Cooper Rush Central Michigan 6-3 228 9 1/8
Seth Russell Baylor 6-3 213 9 5/8
Mitch Trubisky North Carolina 6-2 222 9 1/2
Greg Ward Houston 5-11 186 9 7/8
Deshaun Watson Clemson 6-3 221 9 3/4
Davis Webb California 6-5 229 9 1/4

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