Tom Brady! That’s the name that comes up during any Super Bowl discussion. After his stellar performance in leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to glory, Brady immediately set plans for the 2022 LVI Lombardi trophy. But in the NFL, you get what you deserve, not what you expect.

As we head into the final stretch of the NFL preceding the Super Bowl on February 13th under the idyllic conditions of the SoFi Stadium, home of the Chargers and Rams, the race has never been this close. We analyze the top-heavy league and give our well-thought odds to win the Super Bowl. Strap in; this is going to be a Josh Allen touchdown.


The ones to watch

It’s been a ride up to now. The young core of playmakers, watertight defenses, and devastating attack prowess in some teams makes it hard to choose which teams make our list. However, we employ Meta-analysis, injury concerns, team news, and game-by-game assessment to compile the list of would-be winners.

In no particular ranking, the teams to watch are listed below. However, logically you would not dare place a pound on teams not in our rankings.


1. Kansas City Chiefs (+400)

After a domineering performance against the Steelers, the Chiefs look like the clear-cut favorites to win the Lombardi trophy. They had a shaky start with a leaky defense, but they have shown the depth and quality of the QB they have in recent games. Their only downside is bad luck that follows them every season. Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs will be looking to head into the Super Bowl on an AFC title high. They are undoubtedly the team to watch.


2. Green Bay Packers (+400)

Week one spelled doom for the Packers. The nail to the coffin was edge rusher Za’ Darius Smith injury. However, the green army bounced back with statement wins over the Bears, Rams, Ravens, and Browns. The Packers are seemingly the runaway winners of the NFC North, and with talks of Jaire Alexander joining in January, they are a team to observe. One constant in the NFL, as long as Aaron Rodgers is happy and plays, the Green Bay Packers are in it to win it.


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+600)

Can the Bucs win back to back? The injury-stricken defense is the Buccaneers’ Achilles heel. Failing the test against the Rams despite Tom Brady’s exceptional leadership and self-sacrifice week in week out just shows how they miss their compatriot, Chris Godwin. The NFC South champions are a force to reckon with if they get healthier. You cannot write off Tom Brady yet.


4. Los Angeles Rams (+800)

The battering rams had to stave off stubborn Vikings (who the Bucs faced on Sunday) to clinch a playoff berth. Headline signings Odell Beckham Jr. and Mathew Stafford just show how much the Rams believe this is their season. However, since the Rams lost to the big guns, it will be interesting to see how they fight off the other top teams for the Lombardi trophy. Cooper Kupp is the one to watch in this team. If he replicates his phenomenal season, then they may pull through.


5. Buffalo Bills (+1000)

Buffalo bills are the defective earphones that work best in certain angles and when they just feel like working. But hey, you still listen to music using second-grade earphones? Josh Allen has been on fire. The star who doubles up as a QB with the allowance to terrorize opponents’ defenses will be the chief factor in their glory. Tre’Davious White’s loss is still a blow, but they seem to suck in the punches with minor scuffs. A balanced team offensively and defensively sums up the Buffalo Bills.



Some teams burned bright at the start of the season up to week 13, and they seemed poised for glory. However, a downturn of events piled with injuries prompts a reanalysis of whether we should write them off or watch the proverbial space. In a rush for the time before February 2022, teams that may challenge playoff berths are:


  • Indianapolis Colts (+1600)


  • Arizona Cardinals (+2000)



If your team’s not in the above list, sorry, player, we don’t see them surviving in the elite level. However, when it comes to value for your money, NFL teams present a multifaceted dimension that you can exploit to earn some sweet ka-ching ($$$).

After Sunday, some of the team’s odds to win the Super Bowl will be longer and others shorter. It is best to factor in the Covid situation that affects sports worldwide in such a tightly contested affair. If you get the bets right, you are sure to ball after the Super Bowl.


Best Bet: The Dallas Cowboys (+1000)

However, lackluster performance and domineering displays characterize the Cowboys’ performance due to injured players’ recovery and a solid defensive display against Washington. Dak Prescott, a true MVP contender, leads one of the best units in the league. Improved health among the team members comes at the final stretch. The Super Bowl is not the Cowboys’ first rodeo, and they pose an excellent value for your money.

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