Every season the NFL has Cinderella teams. The ones that come out of nowhere and a make some noise. But, on the flipside, every season the NFL let’s a few teams in that should be playing in the CFL.

Last season the Cinderella team were the Charlotte Panthers as they rode a 15-1 record to the Super Bowl. But this season has been more of what people expected than what transpired last season. But, the Panthers are not alone. There are teams that were looked upon as contender that have just looked miserable this year.

The Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals, and Cincinnati Bengals have all fallen into the ranks of mediocre. It’s okay for teams to have an off-year and such but not these teams. If Aaron Rodgers is considered the best QB in the NFL, then there is no way his team should be 4-6, looking up at the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. Say what you want about the running game and defense but the roster is still full of talent. There is no excuse for the production they have put on the field through the first 10 games.

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The Cardinals are another team that needs to be jailed for their performance. What are they missing for the team that made t to the NFC Championship last season? How can you explain a 4-5-1 record when you have talent at every position and veteran talent at that? The Cardinals have stunk up the joint this year and I have no explanation for their play. Their wins have been against the San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All nonplayoff teams.

The Bengals have slid down a path that may take them a few seasons to recover from. Marvin Lewis is likely on his last tour with the team and they seem to have thrown all their face into Andy Dalton as their QB. The Bengals have discipline issues that must be addressed or as fast as they rose, they will fall even harder. The Bengals are in a division that has no symphony for injuries and misfortunes. Their inconsistent play is linked to their coach and QB. One or both has to go.

The Panthers may be the biggest mystery if you only followed them starting from last season. Last season was a mirage as the Panthers were just a middle of the pack team that got hot. But their current struggles are right in line with where they should be. Can Newton has struggled this season as his weapons have forgotten how well they played last season. From Super Bowl to possibly missing the playoffs is a hard blow to take for a veteran team like Carolina.