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At the age of 25, Luke Villemur has already composed the music of acclaimed TV shows, films, commercials and theater.

Born in Argentina, Villemur is one of the most recognized composers in the country.

Inconvivencia is one of the shows that made Villemur’s career take off. The show is available in Argentina in FLOW, streaming in Telefe, one of the two most important networks in Argentina. Tomas Fonzi and Laura Fernandez, two of the best-known actors in Argentina, are part of the cast.

‘Heidi: Bienvenida Al Show’ is another one of his soon to come out projects, which will be released by Netflix.

Luke Villemur also composed the music for ‘Inolvidable Heidi’ an Argentinean film shot in Colombia that is in postproduction and will be released by Netflix in Latinamerica and Europa

His music also appeared in the commercials of Volkswagen, Peugeot, Sedal, and many other.

His mother is a professional actress and singer, and his father is in charge of the financial part of a big company of schools and universities.

Luke got the best of both worlds as he grew up, being his mom so spiritual and creative working with a lot of artists, and his dad more rational and down to earth working for a big company.

They have taught him from two very different perspectives which made him who he is today, an artist, music composer, and producer.

At the age of ten, he started taking piano and guitar lessons, and over the years, when his career started blowing up, he felt the need of learning to play more instrument to make even better compositions, so he started to get into bass guitar, drums, and cello.

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Villemur started to record and produce his own songs at the age of 13 on his mom’s home studio, getting better over the years, and starting his own bands and playing live in small and big venues in town.

At the age of 16, he found himself re-watching all Star Wars movies for the 23rd time, but this time just paying attention to its music and how beautiful and well composed it was. There he realized that music was his future.

After finishing high school, Luke Villemur studied film scoring and music production in Buenos Aires. Later on, he followed his dreams, moved to LA and studied Recording Arts at the Los Angeles Film School.

There he met two of his best friends with which he lived and collaborated on a number of projects. Luke also started his own band called “Single Shop,” with one of his friends. They write and produce their own music, having different featured artist singing and participating in every song.

Last year, he founded a music production company called “MELT Music” where he is currently working and producing for big names and artists in Argentina.

Keep up with his career on Instagram! @lukevillemur



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