Love has the ability to propel us to tremendous heights. For the sake of the one they love, many people have crossed deserts, climbed mountains, and given up their luxurious lifestyles. The soundtrack to many broken hearts is music, which sets the tone for many of these love stories. Is it, however, powerful enough to alter the way we perform our everyday activities?

The rising musician, the talented Usman Ashraf, reveals that as we identify with the tone and lyrics, many of us recognize the power of music when we’re unhappy or have experienced a personal loss. Music has also been shown to improve one’s mood in studies. People who listened to uplifting music improved their moods and happiness in just two weeks, according to research from the Journal of Positive Psychology. That is precisely what Usman wants to achieve through his music and makes relaxing people his goal.

In his childhood, Usman believed that music was always the best companion he had. On the worst days, when he didn’t know what to do or who to see, he could turn on some music and let his mind wander and feel comfortable. Usman used music to communicate his excitement on good days and his concerns on bad days. Regardless, Usman’s constant companion was music. Something he could always count on. Something he assumed would always be there for him. He wanted something that would never abandon him. That is when Usman promised himself: he would use the music that had inspired him to help the world and make people feel relaxed and empowered in the same way music made him feel.

Usman also believes in the therapeutic power of music. Music therapy is explained as the clinical and evidence-based use of music therapies to achieve customized goals, says the American Music Therapy Association. It’s now utilized to boost people’s moods and help them regain their energy and heal more naturally. Usman wishes to produce such music which would be therapeutic to people, change their mood instantly and make them feel empowered in their own skin.


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