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On The Rise: ‘Stitchers’ Emma Ishta Getting Inside People’s Heads

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Thanks to her role on the ABC Family summer series, ‘Stitchers’ 24-year-old Australian model/actress Emma Ishta could become the next great thing from Down Under.

At 5’10, The Brisbane-born native has modeled since the age of 13 for the likes of D&G, Bazzar, V Magazine and DKNY before setting her sights on Hollywood.

Thanks to small roles in shows such as Black Box, Manhattan Love Story and I Smile Back, Ishta may be one of the sleeper talents to keep an eye on this summer, as she portrays Kirsten Clark, a computer science grad student, who is recruited by a covert government agency to be “stitched” into the minds and memories of the dead to solve crimes.

Whether or not ‘Stichers’ evolves into a sleeper hit and is renewed by ABC remains to be seen, but regardless, Ishta could become the next beautiful import from Australia to turn heads in Hollywood soon enough.

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