Early on as a kid watching sports, you were either a Patriots fan, or those other fans who despised them. Being a Ravens fan, I can assure you I had those games in which I despised them, and it’s from Tom Brady.

Brady’s record against the Ravens all-time is 6-3 (2-2 in the playoffs) for overall stats Brady was at a 60% completion percentage, about 272.1 yards per game, ten touchdowns, five interceptions and a 87 passer rating.

One of those losses finally being in the 2012 season AFC Championship game.

This is just an example of what I endured in his years as a Patriot, and the number of seasons that had to rely on advancing passed Brady and the competitiveness that came out of every game.

Tom’s accomplishments will forever be enshrined in NFL history, as there are many records and stats Brady has collected throughout his career, but I just wanted to go through some that really stand out to me.

1: In what would be his final season, Brady finished first in pass attempts, completions, yards, TD’s, passing first downs, DYAR (defense adjusted yards above replacement), PFF grade. For someone at 44, and being in their final season of QB, that’s insane stats to end your season on. Come February 12th, Brady can also finish out his career with a fourth NFL MVP.

2: In 22 seasons, Tom Brady lost 73 regular season games. In the last seven seasons, the Jets have lost 76 games. Via @PFF_Steve

3: Most playoff wins: 30, Brady started off winning 10 straight; at that mark, he still would’ve been tied in the top ten of that accomplishment itself. Now at 30, it seems unbeatable with the second place QB being Joe Montana at 16 wins.

4: Most playoff TD’s at 73, 28 more than second-place Joe Montana at 45.

5: In one of his most memorable games, Brady famously down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons, threw the most attempts(63) and completions (43) in a single Super Bowl, en route the team to an amazing overtime comeback victory.

6: In his career, Tom never lost to the Falcons, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Vikings, or Patriots with a combined 27-0 record.

7: Most passing yards in a single Super Bowl (505), beating his previous record of 466. No player has ever thrown for even more then 414 yards (Kurt Warner).

8: Most postseason fourth quarter comebacks at 9, also has the second-most 4th quarter comebacks in the regular season at 36, behind Peyton Manning at 43. When you add the totals to postseason they are tied at 45.

9: Most different pass catchers to catch a TD at 77.

10: Most regular season wins by a starting QB at 219.

This is just a small sample size of some of the amazing clutch and situational spots, Brady was in throughout his career that became part of the history. There probably won’t be another QB. I’ll watch and say with confidence they can take over a game or come back into a game like Tom has throughout the seasons.

As we know you can’t speak of Brady without bringing in the best TE/QB duo of all time, in him and Rob Gronkowski, the records they’ve broken together will forever be remembered.

Gronk has by far the most receiving yards by a TE in the postseason.

Brady and Gronkowski have the second most total TD’s by a QB and receiver duo at a total of 93, just behind Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison at 112.

There are countless and countless other things I can mention about Brady and his career but that would take a whole dictionary book to fill out, I can assure you from the beginning going against Brady, I wasn’t thrilled, but seeing his career ripen the way it has, all I can ever say is thank you.

Thank you for showing every kid that you don’t have to ever be a #1 pick to show your worth and talent, you control your own narrative. Brady has definitely sealed that narrative forever being one of if not the greatest player in NFL history as I look back, I’m grateful to have been able to see such a high level of performance for 22 seasons.



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