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While Orlando City Soccer Club has been in a recent slump, they are still currently sitting tied at third place with New York City FC, the team is gaining momentum, and it has everything to do with the fans.

Honestly, we all understand that home field/court/ice advantage is honestly the best advantage in sports.

No travel time, no stress, and honestly, being at home allows you to enjoy the crowd experience. While for the home team, this is the best case scenario, yet it is dreadful for away teams. Imagine after a ten hour flight, a terrible night stay in a hotel, with all your stress and anxiety about the game, and the moment you walk out of the tunnel, the crowd boos and chants at you.

Might as well turn back in to the locker room and call it a night, but with the crowd on your side, you can literally do anything.

For example, Orlando City recently faced Chicago FC and the teams were evenly matched. Until referee Ted Unkel (or however you spell the mans name) gave a blind red card to Rafael Ramos, which will eventually be overturned, but did no good for that match.

Playing with ten men with only 26 minutes off the clock, Orlando’s 12th man stood tall and helped Orlando in any possible way. That was until Chicago’s 12th man, referee Ted Unkel, gave another red card to Antonio Nocerino, in the 66th minute. Now playing with only nine men on the field Orlando and their fans rallied around the team to ensure at least a drawn to secure a point.

Chicago controlled possession of the ball and had six shots on goal, against a nine man Orlando City team.

Orlando was able to secure a draw, which to some other sports fans that isn’t a big deal, but losing TWO players before a game is even over, against one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and being able to secure a much needed point for playoff standings, is a major feat.

Every point matters and counts as we start getting into the halfway point of the season, and Orlando City would not be able to accomplish these feats without you and me!

Vamos Orlando!

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