Before you start looking to buy a perfect pram, you’ll need to understand what is pram and what it is used for? A pram is usually used to carry babies. It is also known as pushchairs, buggy or a stroller in different parts of the world! While you need to research and choose the best for your baby or it may have an adverse effect on them!

However, it is also tough to choose which will be the best fit for your baby and your lifestyle! So, here are some few tips or features that you should never miss while buying a pram.


Prices of things are the most important aspect that people look before buying! Prams available in the market can be bought for as low as $100 to several thousand dollars! However, the prices may vary depending on the features, specs, and accessories they offer! While you can save lots of dollars by buying it from great value deals and bundles!

Usage of a Pram

  • If you are looking to buy a pram for purposeful exercise or incidental exercise then look for the jogger prams which specializes in this type of prams!
  • If you are travel freak or a person who loves taking your child on adventures in the woods. Then you should look at pram with larger inflatable tires, suspension and a durable and sturdy construction.
  • If you are always on the go then you need a pram that can be used as a stroller and car seat for your daily use! For this type of pram, you can look for Stokke Crusi, which can be used with carrying cot, stroller seat, car seats, and optional sibling solution.

Public Transport or Limited Storage Spaces

If you are using public transport a lot then you need a pram that is compact, handy, and lightweight! With a lot of storage options to store baby essentials like diapers, food, toys, and more!

Baby Prams and Car

If you travel a lot by car, you must look for a pram that can be folded easily and can fit into your boot space! Make sure to choose pram that is light in weight as well as it should not be complicated to assemble it!

Comfort for the Baby’s

Prams should be well cushioned and should have good suspension as well! If you are buying it for your newborn baby, look for a pram that is well padded and allows baby to sleep peacefully!

Picking the Right Pram for your Baby

Prams are available in a number of types such as 3 wheel prams, 4 wheel prams, double prams, strollers, and travel systems!

3 Wheel Pram

3 wheel prams are basically known as joggers that features suspension which is great for outdoors! If you like to jog a lot then these 3 wheel prams are the best possible choices for you! The 3 wheel prams offer a swivel wheel for easy mobility!

4 Wheel Prams

4 wheel prams consist of 4 wheels with 2 big and 2 small wheels which makes it easy to maneuver on busy streets. Some 4 wheel prams have an option of either reversing seat or handle! Many of them can fit a capsule and a bassinet as well!


Strollers are not only light in weight to use but are simple as well! They come in many affordable options and are much compact than prams. Affordable price, compactness, and lightweight, these features make strollers ideal for everyone!

Travel Systems

Travel systems are designed in such a type that it can simply click out of the secure car base and transfer to the matching pram.


However, these were some of the basic guides which you can consider while buying your first pram. Moreover, you can even consider other tips into consideration such as features of the pram, accessories that can be fitted with the pram, safety, and standards!

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