by Tyler Gillette

Columbus OH– As Pat would say “No Free Ads”, but I want the world to see the content machine named Pat Mcafee. I became hooked when I decided to listen to every episode of his podcast starting last year and now I am an avid fan. If you do not know who Pat Mcafee is look him up now. He has been all over the internet recently. He has been called a “loose cannon”, but Pat Mcafee might be the most interesting figure in the sporting world today. He is also changing the game when it comes to sports casting. 

Pat Mcafee played in the NFL, where he was a punter for the Indianapolis Colts, where he played for eight seasons. Then, he retired and then his crazy post-NFL journey began. He started with Barstool Sports, where he had two podcasts: the Pat Mcafee Show and Heartland Radio. The amazing, electric, hilarious, outrageous big-name interviews, as well as his high energetic and positive attitude helped him become an internet and Twitter icon. His perspective as a punter was also very different and provided many stories. He then left Barstool to start his own small business. He started his business with his buddies from Indy to have their own podcasts, The Pat Mcafee Show 2.0 and Heartland Radio 2.0. As well as his show, on DAZN and Westwood One.Today, they are still going strong with numerous big name interviews that I highly recommend checking out. My personal favorites include AJ Hawk, Matt Hasselbeck, J.J Watt, Kirk Herbstreit, Nick Mangold, Nate Boyer, Marty Smith, Mark Scherleth, Aaron Rodgers, and Frank Caliendo. But, the fun did not end there. He also toured around the country and did stand up comedy. His show here in Columbus was one of the funniest shows that I have been too. His stories are golden especially the Troy Polamalu story and the Peyton Manning story.

From there he got the chance to be apart of WWE being a commentator and “Analyst” for NXT Takeover. He also announced the 89th pick of the 2019 Draft and it was magnificent. But, The man had his eyes set for bigger dreams.

Pat got his first two shots at being a color commentator on Fox for a Baylor-Texas Tech game and for a Lions-Packers game. Both of these essentially broke the internet with the amount of content. That is when the sports casting world saw a new energy that the fans crave. The people loved Pat so much they petitioned for him to be on Monday Night Football and made the hashtag, #McAfeeForMNF trend. 

Well, this season the dream came true. Pat Mcafee was given the chance to be on Thursday Night College Football on ESPN as an “Analyst” with Matt Hasselbeck, Adam Amin, and Molly McGrath. The people love it and every week there is constant content coming from those games. He has also recently been the celebrity guest picker for College Gameday and a commentator on College Gameday. He may have been the greatest guest picker on the show except for Matthew Matthew McConaughey (Hook’Em). When he was on College Gameday, a second time last weekend in Memphis he made the crowd go crazy. He also gets everyone’s morning going by being apart of Get Up on ESPN.

Pat Mcafee brings the juice to the sports world. He also provides a perspective that we never really get to hear. No other human is as passionate about special teams as this man. He isn’t afraid to be himself and he is one of the funniest people out there. #ForTheBrand

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