It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is one of the most popular sites for B2B leads, but you might be missing out on a lot if it’s not being used effectively. With half a billion users and industry-wide coverage, there are many different ways to capitalize on its benefits such as accessing testimonials from potential customers in order to improve your company image or finding new employees who share similar experiences with your job openings. 

However, even though this site has so much going for it—if all you have is just an uninteresting professional profile then none of these other perks will do any good.

Get ready to explore the world of personal branding and how it will directly impact your success in sales.

Personal Branding is essential for any company-employed or self employed individual. We’re going to teach you what a personal brand means, how it can be leveraged into driving more sales if done correctly, and show some examples from our own experiences.

Define Your Audience

The first step to building a personal brand is understanding your target audience. When you know who they are, ask yourself the following questions

Likes and Dislikes: A person’s likes and dislikes can tell you a lot about what type of content they are interested in. Do they like long form professional articles or short status updates with tips? Are They searching for how-to guides, or looking more into theoretical content? This will help you figure out the best types of posts to create that people on your social media platform will enjoy reading.

Who is engaging with?People on your competition’s team are the ones you should be engaging with. Why do they do what they do? What content does the company share with its consumers? Could there be room for improvement or a new perspective?

Solution: How do you know if your solution is a good fit for their needs? You should find out what solutions they’re looking for and see how yours compare. If it’s not the right one, don’t worry! We have plenty of other ways to make sure that we can help them get what they need in this environment.

Profile Building

You want your profile to be engaging and interesting. The first place you’ll go is LinkedIn, where it will prompt you on what’s missing in your profile and let you know the importance of filling them out. If I were creating a personal brand for myself, this would have been important information to add my resume with any projects or volunteer work that I’ve done because people can see how much experience they could get by working with me!

Creating an effective personal branding takes some time but if someone wants their career goals fulfilled than investing the right amount of energy into one isn’t difficult at all when taking advantage of prompts from sites like LinkedIn which help guide users through various fields needed including ones as simple yet valuable such as listing volunteering experiences.Profile building is most considered factor by sales recruiting firm.

Build Trust

Trust is an essential component of any sale. You know how hard it is to earn the trust from a potential client, and as such you try your best not to make mistakes in order for them to grow that level of faith in you. Neil Rackham conducted a study where he interviewed 50 customers who had turned down Xerox due to price (64% were found out not actually being about prices). It turns-out they didn’t really have anything against their product or company; rather, they just did not like trusting anyone with all their needs at once.

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