The Philadelphia Eagles fans will get their wish granted. Wide receiver Nelson Agholor will either be deactivated tonight versus Green Bay or ride the bench most of the game.

Newly signed Paul Turner will play mostly in the slot position and Jordan Mathews will pick up more targets as well.

Eagles fans have had a very rocky relationship with Agholor from his first year. Agholor was a first round pick and has not lived up to expectations. The weight of the pressure has finally made it to the surface and Agholor is drowning in media scrutiny.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has said that Agholor has seen team therapists and is working through the mental part of his problem. Receivers drop passes, it’s expected, but the frequency of which Agholor drops passes or does not complete catches is astonishing.

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Agholor has reportedly been working hard all season and offseason to fix his problem, but I don’t think it’s a physical problem. I think it’s in his head. Agholor made a comment about needing to, “get out of his head” and play football. It seems to me that he’s so focused on making catches, when he doesn’t, it affects his confidence much more than your average player.

All players are competitive at the highest level, that’s expected. But most players shake off a bad pass or missed assignments and get the next one. Agholor cannot do that.

Tonight on nationally televised Monday Night Football. Nelson Agholor probably won’t play.

Agholor will sit on the bench and the cameras will constantly show him on the sidelines every chance they get. The broadcasters will talk about Agholor every time a pass is dropped or caught. Especially if Turner makes even one catch. Turner will be hailed as a conquering hero.

Will Agholor play next week against Cincinnati who currently only have 3 wins? Most likely.

Agholor might “get out of his head” and come back as a usable receiver. But that won’t be good enough. Even at his best, Agholor was only good enough to be a fourth wide receiver on most teams.

Fans will demand that Agholor turn into a pass catching machine overnight and that won’t happen.

Agholor will likely be replaced this coming offseason, he may never play another down in the NFL after this season and why? Because Philadelphia picked him as a first round draft pick and he couldn’t live up to it?

Truth is, being an NFL player is hard. Being an NFL player in Philadelphia is even harder.