Pill Dispenser for Elderly Patients Significantly Improves Quality of Life

For older adults, especially those struggling with multiple chronic conditions, medication management is a complex daily task. Unfortunately, many such patients cannot muster the level of focus required by this task. With global life expectancy growing, more and more people find themselves in this position.

In this article, we take a look at how a pill dispenser for elderly patients helps deal with medication management. We consider several facets of the issue, such as:

  • How bad is the problem of complex medication management?
  • How does it impact the quality of life?
  • How do pill dispensers help?
  • What proof is there concerning the efficacy of pill dispensers?

Medication Errors Account for Half of All Drug-related Hospital Admissions

A 2013 study by Blaine Reeder, George Demiris, and Karen D Marek, conducted a literature review regarding the impact of chronic conditions on the older population. According to its findings, 60 percent of older adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions requiring complex medication. Drug misadministration is prevalent within this patient category.

The most common ways in which this manifests are:

  • Errors in administering drugs at the right time and in correct doses.
  • Failure to follow clinical advice concerning drug administration.
  • Failure to modify dosage/use according to medical advice and self-monitoring.

Adherence to proper drug dosage/administration is just 26-56 percent. The oldest of the elderly are the least adherent.

 What Are the Consequences of Drug Misadministration?

Above and beyond sabotaging treatment efficiency, drug misadministration draws with it further-reaching consequences.

  • It endangers the independence of the patient.
  • Those who fail to stick to their prescribed medication regimen risk being re-admitted to the hospital.
  • Residential home care is another option some patients may not find attractive.
  • It burdens the healthcare system with surprisingly high costs.

 So, How Does a Pill Dispenser for Elderly Help?

An automated/ programmable pill dispenser will alert the patient when medication needs to be administered. It also pops the right dose into view. All the patient has to do is to pick up and take the pills. This way, a pill dispenser for elderly patients will instantly boost the confidence of its users. It will also bring about peace of mind. The comfortable retention of independence is also a significant side-effect.

When used properly, such a pill dispenser for elderly patients effectively solves the problem of drug misadministration.

What Proof is There in This Regard?

The mentioned study firmly concludes that pill dispensers are useful and easy-to-use for most patients. Users have found pill-dispensing devices easy to use and non-intrusive in regards to their routine activities. Pill dispensers are also very reliable. Most users have also reported that such devices do not hinder their independence.

Some users mentioned an initial discomfort with pill dispensers. This discomfort quickly dissolved, however, as patients got used to the routine imposed by the dispensers.


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