It’s a sunshine state with a myriad of oranges, beaches, and the great wine! Yes, it’s Florida! When it comes to wineries, people often look at Napa Valley in California, or any other far off location, however, Florida also has some of the finest vineyards around.  

With the most amazing natural pristine backdrops to the sustainably grown wine in three acres of the area, these vineyards have become the most popular choices for Florida’s marriage.  If you are planning to have a perfect wine venue for your wedding, here are some venues or wineries that shouldn’t be missed from your list:

Endless Summer Vineyard And Winery:

Get set to enjoy the laid back and relaxed wedding vow at the Endless Summer Vineyard and Winery. With the unique touch of the old boogie board and quirky ambiance fillers, the place is ideal for a wine and surf lover. You can ask your wedding & event catering service to use the shaded wooden swings in the event.

Click some of the most beautiful pictures around it or use them as props, the choice is yours. Further, your guests can relax in the rocking chairs witnessing the view of the white sand beach or can feed the fish and turtles from the dock.  

Lake Ridge Winery And Vineyard:

So you are a bride, interested in more rural feel? Lake Ridge is for you! Spread in 127 acres in the Florida countryside, it’s the largest winery hosting over 100,000 people every year. Invite your guests for the wedding over there and enjoy some of the most amazing wines with the live music.

The romantic, elegant and the wine, ambiance of the place can put a spin on your classic wedding. Whether you want to host the indoor wedding or the outdoors, the place will surely please your guests.

Schnebly Redland’s Winery And Brewery:

Ready to tie the knot at one of the top 18 wineries in the us? as your planner to make decorations at the Schnebly Redland winery and Brewery in Homestead and relish your moments. The acres of tropical garden, the stunning surroundings, and the wines will make your guests feel happy.

Further, you can select the courtyard with the paved runner joining the waterfall or can have waterfall Tiki or Grand Tiki Wedding.  

Quantum Leap Winery:

It’s an urban winery, having the most sustainable wine production model. Situated near Orlando, the place can host weddings with up to 400 guests. Besides, you can have the feel of both contemporary and rustic wedding.

Head to the place on Thursday in Saturday’s and taste some wine to include them in your wedding. You can even plan your food and décor with the wine theme.

Bunker Hill Vineyard And Winery:

Are you an eco-friendly couple who hate wasting things? This venue is just for you! It’s an environmental-friendly winery that offers myriad of eco-friendly options.

You can choose to create a personalized wine wedding arch or can have engraved with your initials on the wine bottles, or can use them in décor. The winery also offers two-bedroom, two-bath home located premises for the newlyweds to stay.

Barn Stall Winery:

With over 3,000 square feet area for just dancing, tasting and dining, the place offer facilities that no other wedding winery can give. Your guests can have an amazing view of Florida pines, the elegant folds, the amazing ponds and more.  

The centerpiece to your wedding would be the tempting gazebo featuring white lights running back to the bran. Your photographer will sure thank you for choosing this location.

Tempted with the locations? Lift your glass up and celebrate your big day amidst these amazing venues.

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