People seem to be largely unaware of the impact a person’s childhood can have on the person they become. Or perhaps they do not care enough to protect children from challenges even adults struggle to cope with. As a result, some develop bitter personalities, which is plausible if not justifiable. Others decide to help others avoid the challenges they had to face. They are driven by their empathy to leave the world a better place. Jeremy Jenson is a fine gentleman who belongs to the latter.

At only 37 years of age, Jeremy is a leader in the Houston HR world and a valuable member of the local community. His company Encore Search Partners is the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas. His podcast “What Men Want” brings unfiltered insights from some of Houston’s most eligible bachelors. Jeremy’s multi-talented and creative persona combined with his jolly and supportive nature has made him dearly valued by those around him.

Jeremy was born in 1984 in Alief, Texas, in a low-income, underprivileged community in Southwest Houston. The odds were against him, but Jeremy decided to focus on improvement. Because he knew he was not to be restricted by his situation and certainly not his laziness. Jeremy excelled academically and was a star athlete. He stood out among his gifted and talented peers as his potential was undeniable.

When he was only ten years of age, Jeremy witnessed his parents’ separation and saw his single mother trying to raise him and his younger brother on an annual income of $40k. He helplessly watched his family move every 18 months due to eviction notices. At a young age, when most kids have dreams and wishes, Jeremy was sure of what he did not want for himself when he grew up… He didn’t want to go without.

His struggle shaped his priorities. So when he was old enough to take control of his life, Jeremy made essential decisions that landed him on a trajectory that would see him realize his dreams and help others do the same along the way. He is leading the recruitment industry by assisting companies in finding the right fit for their teams and empowering talented individuals by preparing them for the opportunities they deserve.

His humble beginnings and troubling childhood have propelled Jeremy on a journey towards success built on helping others succeed. He credits his success to the people who supported him and inspired him. His business endeavors and creative ventures are means of giving back to the community he is grateful for. Jeremy believes it is impossible to succeed and live a fulfilling life if you’re not adding value to other people’s lives.




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