Regardless of age, social background and culture, people enjoy games and the convenient form of entertainment that they provide. The advent of the Internet and mobile devices capable of running all sorts of video games smoothly has made games even more accessible. Online casinos were quick to tap into the potential of social gaming and today offer slots, video pokers, table games and scratch cards to an international audience. Their popularity is constantly rising, as new technologies are being developed.

Pros and Cons of Social Gaming

Significant resources are being spent on developing new and more exciting games, while the phenomenon of social gaming only gains traction. With online games here to stay, it’s worth looking closer at the advantages and shortcomings of playing such games.

The Upsides of Social Gaming

• The very nature of social games makes them fun, exciting and provides players with a convenient source of entertainment. Even when the time is limited, people can enjoy the thrills of online games and mobile devices empower them to play on the move. All genres are covered and are just one click or tap away.

• Just as the name suggests, social gaming encourages human interaction and helps build bridges between strangers. These games can be played together by people from all over the world, and the messaging interface makes it possible to chat and get to know your peers.

• Some casino games are free, so players don’t take any chances when they have fun with casino games. Many offer the option of paying real cash for various perks, but this is optional and comes with no strings attached.

The Downsides of Social Games

• The very thing that makes these games so popular can become a problem when addiction sets in. Just because they are played on virtual cash doesn’t mean that they don’t grow on players. Some people can lose control of their gaming and end up spending too much time in the virtual world.

• Social gaming also brings into the spotlight health concerns regarding the excessive amount of time spent in front of a screen. On desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices, they require players to stay focused and in the long run, they can hurt the eyes and also cause fatigue.

• Closely related to the risk of addiction is the threat posed by the blurring lines between social and real casino gambling. Many operators that provide players with access to social games encourage them to bet real currency. Some indirectly penalize players for not paying, as their counterparts are given unfair advantages, so many are tempted to make the transition to real money gambling.

How to Stay Healthy while Having Fun & Play online casino games?

As stated above, there are some concerns regarding social gaming and a few of them are in regard to the negative impact on health and gambling addiction. You should always use top rated slot sites that are safe a secure. The first step is obviously to acknowledge the problem and identify the main triggers, to mitigate their effects. Perhaps the biggest danger that online casino games pose is the one of addiction, which can reverberate and create many unintended consequences. Playing with moderation and spending a reasonable amount of time in-game is the most effective ward against this insidious threat.

Another thing that people can do to greatly reduce the health risks, is to take breaks often. It’s easy to lose track of time simply because these games are so addictive, so it’s not excessive to set alarms and reminders. Also, players should monitor their sensations and whenever they feel fatigue or any sort of discomfort, stop playing altogether. This is a commonsense action that should be taken not only in regard to social games, but any other activity that can be damaging when in excess.

The bottom line is that social gaming isn’t necessarily bad for your health if you play the games moderately. By relegating this activity to harmless entertainment and keeping the gaming sessions short, most of the risks are mitigated. There’s a lot of fun in playing and those who spend a reasonable amount of time in-game enjoy all the upsides, without experiencing any of the negative consequences.

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