A limited budget and less time often restrict our imagination and implementation on how to design a home. Home designing is often very expensive and time-consuming. But you do not need to worry about it! Here, we have some popular and easy home designing ideas for you that you can pull off in less than a day. Also, these will not cost you a fortune; rather, you can fix some of these up for free using items from around the house!

Reading Spots

If you cannot set up a library, a small reading spot is just the thing. Design your lounge in such a way that it can be transformed into a reading nook in seconds. A small fur rug and a book rack are all you need in addition to the furniture already present in the lounge. You can also add a bean sack for a more comfy atmosphere.

Colorful Light Bulbs 

Good lighting adds bags of character to the area. Paint your light bulbs with different colors or get colorful lights for your rooms in addition to the regular ones. Downlights ideas are a biggest trend for the future – decorative lighting that is well made, creatively designed and that will bring you joy for years to come. More companies are offering different kinds of Lightning design, one of this is Mondolux – is a Commercial Lighting Supplier in In Melbourne, Australia offering short lead times on quality commercial lighting solutions for retail & commercial application. With a stocked warehouse of 3000 sqm and an experienced assembly team in Melbourne. Let the change in lighting depict the change in your moods. It looks gorgeous and gives a unique look to your setting—a perfect way to design your dream house.

Floral Decorations

Flowers are the beauty of nature. So why not embed the beauty in your interior? Fake flowers are usually super cheap and are a great way to add color to your house. Florals in bathrooms give a decent look. Use a uniquely shaped vase and fresh or fake flowers according to your need. 

Comfy Rugs

Rugs make the environment cozy. You can change the whole outlook of the room by choosing the style of the rug. For example, a fur rug to give a rustic look, traditional or boho for comfort. The type of rug you put down instantly changes the whole aesthetic of the house. 

Color Palettes

Choose your color palettes wisely. Ensure that the color of the furniture does not clash with the color of the walls or decorations. A room with too much color and especially bright colors give a very tacky look. The area looks crowded and not very appealing. Stick to the same tones for a particular area. If you go with warm and neutral tones, stay with them. Similarly, do not add up earthy colors in a brightly colored room.

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