If you are looking for a smoking tool that is easy to transport, this blog post is just for you. This article will guide you through the different types of pipes and bongs, like the mini bong, hookah, and many more, and how to pick what’s best for you.

Additionally, it will discuss mini water, glass bongs, and other smoking tools like rolling papers, grinders, and ash catchers that’ll make your life easier when trekking from place to place. Here are the tips for finding portable smoking tools.



According to reports, in 2020, Cannabis sales in the US increased by 67 percent. This highlights the growing demand for smoking accessories like the grinder.

For an easy-to-carry weed experience, invest in a grinder. A grinder is the ultimate multi-tool. As its name suggests, it grinds your dried herbs to make them fine enough to fit through the smoking tool (i.e., pipe or bong) you use.

Grinders come in various sizes and materials. These are detachable containers for the ground-up herb, such as one attached to a grinder. It can be convenient and keep your pockets tidy. Moreover, the storage container usually collects kief over time.


Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are thin strips of paper that you use to roll your dried herbs into a cigarette or joint. They come in different sizes and materials. You must make sure to pick a lighter that will last for a while. Also, get one with practical features, such as a foldaway flint wheel and an adjustable flame.


Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are just the right choice for a cooler and smoother smoke compared to papers or smoking tools that use plastic. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials.


Mini Water Bongs

You must put water inside this type of mini bong to cool down your smoke. With mini water bongs, you get the smoothness of larger glass bongs in a more compact unit.


Ash Catchers

Water pipes with an additional chamber (called an ‘ash catcher’) are nice to use because they can catch some of the ash and debris that makes it through your smoking tool. Moreover, they make for cleaner smoke, as you don’t inhale all the ash particles. Also, it adds more time between cleanings.


Portable Vaporizers (I-Inhale)

These vaporizers turn herbs into a steamy, inhalable substance without producing smoke. It means that they produce no horrible smell and no carcinogens associated with smoking.



Pipes are probably the most versatile smoking tools. They come in various materials, sizes and shapes. Typically, they resemble cigarettes, so they can be easily carried around without taking too much space. They also produce only a slight smell.



Bubblers are hand-held smoking tools that look like a cross between a bong and a pipe. They typically don’t have the characteristic ‘carb hole’ on the side, so some may prefer carb hole drip tips with bubblers.


Mini Hookahs

When it comes to enjoying a great puff, hookahs never disappoint. They can often be filled with water to let the smoke pass through and cool down like bongs. However, you cannot carry them around easily due to their size and weight. They may also not be suitable for outdoor use.


Hookah Stems

If you want to enjoy a smoke without much fuss, then you can buy unique hookah stems. These are just the right smoking tools for the job because they are portable, which means that you do not need to carry around an entire hookah. Plus, they don’t contain water, so there’s little to no cleaning involved.


Vaporizer Pens

These pens let you inhale vaping substances, such as e-juices and essential oils. They come with a battery, a cartridge, and a heating element – all of which are rechargeable. While they don’t work for dried herbs, they can be helpful if you want to travel light.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, a list of some portable smoking tools that let you enjoy your dried herbs perfectly. Depending on what types of smoked substances you want to inhale, you can choose from this list.




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