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Digital marketing has opened a new medium to reach your customers more efficiently. There are several ways to market online today, including PPC, social media, content, email, and SEO. 

Digital PR is one such medium that more and more businesses are adopting to stay ahead of their competition with the help of the right PR agency.

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the digital marketing approach that businesses adopt to upsurge their online presence. Digital PR agencies link with bloggers, journalists, and influences and send online press releases for gaining social media mentions, high-quality backlinks and enhance their SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Precisely, digital PR is a part of the content marketing system. With digital PR, marketers try to gain high-quality online publications and quality backlinks from websites. Also, responding with comments to requests from journalists and earning honest customer reviews fall under this category. 

How Is It Related to Content Marketing?

Content marketing, in comparison, refers to all the digital PR techniques as well as the creation of content of all kinds like webpage copy, blog post, and other knowledge-based creation.

Digital PR helps you reach your target audiences by featuring your business on the sites they frequently visit, the social media accounts they love to engage in, and the podcasts they like to listen to. This can also get you 5-star reviews on google. 

For local businesses, efficient digital PR strategies that are well-planned will focus on getting the business featured in online publications that focus on your local area. 

This can include local website reviews from people who have purchased from you, local blogs by bloggers living in the area, and local charities or events you have sponsored. 

How to Choose the Right PR Agency

Once you know your digital PR campaign’s outcomes and goals, you can start looking for an excellent digital PR agency to help you accomplish those. 

Here is a list of characteristics that will help you decide who you want to work with. Take a look.

A Praiseworthy Portfolio 

Competent digital PR Agencies take pride in who they work with and the kind of work they do. They display their clientele, usually for the world to have a look at. 

You don’t need to know their past clients personally. But if you can’t find examples of their past work or a list of their previous clients, the chances are that they did not network or work at all. 

If you are on a budget, then this is fine. But if you want to yield positive results, you should refrain from hiring such an agency.

But, you cannot display the types of services like content marketing or SEO over a Portfolio. So Agencies may not be able to showcase their work in that. The client list is a great indication of their experience under such circumstances.

Clear Pricing 

Another complaint that often comes up around digital PR Agencies is that the marketing campaign or project begins at one price. Then, they bring in lots of extras that were not expected at the commencement of the project. 

And by that time, the client gets so deep into the project that they get stuck up there and cannot return. This often happens with Google ads and Google pay-per-click campaigns. To put that in context, you should ensure that the digital PR agency you choose should practice clear pricing. It is the symbol of integrity and honesty in an agency. 

If clear pricing is not what you are seeing when hiring an agency, you should immediately reject it and go for something else.

Specialized Team Members with Experience 

Irrespective of the type of services you are after, ensure that the agency has the right team members for your project. For example, if they do not have a content writer, you do not hire a digital PR agency for your content marketing. 

You should look through the about page to locate if they list their team members there. LinkedIn is also a great place to have a closer look at the agency.

You can also click “people” there to see the list of everyone who works at the agency. You may not be seeing the freelancers and those workers that are not on LinkedIn. This will give you a fair idea of who all worked in that agency.

Apart from these, the right PR agency should share similar core values and company culture as yours. There should be a sufficient amount of social proof and a strong industry reputation of the agency see-through previous client reviews and testimonials. 

Once you check all this and then choose your ideal agency, you can have all the peace of mind that your digital PR campaign is in the right hands, and it is bound to enable the desirable results at the right time.

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