Tips on hosting your Halloween Party

Nothing says Halloween is a time for celebration like a party. Daily Wisely wants you to have fun while entertaining friends and family.

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Now that you have the go-ahead, here are some tips for throwing an enjoyable one:

1) Location and date

October is the best time to host a Halloween party. But if you want to save yourself from the madness of buying costumes, decorations and baking treats during this season, then consider holding it in September.

2) Invite the right crowd

If you’re planning on having a costume party, then make sure your guests know and understand that they have to choose one. You surely don’t want someone going as a cop while someone else is going as Wonder Woman.

If you’ve decided that your Halloween party is going to be a themed one, then make sure the attendees can fit in. If you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids, it’s best not to invite their parents and if your Halloween party is for adults, don’t let your kids join in.

3) Decorations

Halloween parties are all about scaring people. You can decorate your Halloween party hall with spider webs, jack o lanterns and pumpkins.

It’s also common during this season to use artificial skeletons in different positions like the ones you see in horror movies – hung from the ceiling or hanged using a rope.

4) Entertainment

Halloween parties are essentially all about fun and games. Here are some Halloween party ideas that you can implement during your Halloween party:

a) Scavenger hunt

You can give each guest a list of items to find for them to win a reward or gift certificate. Include common Halloween candy as the prize that guests will be looking for.

b) Costume quiz

You can have a Halloween costume guessing contest where you ask your guests to guess who’s behind the costume each time someone enters or leaves the hall. If they get it right, they’ll win a prize.

c) Scary stories contest

Have guests tell scary Halloween stories to other Halloween party guests. The best storyteller will get a Halloween gift or candy basket as the prize.

d) Jokes contest

Have Halloween party attendees tell Halloween jokes to one another and the one who gets the most laughs wins.

e) Haunted Halloween house game

The Halloween house game is a scavenger hunt in which you have guests enter a hall and find Halloween-related things that’ll give them points. As the Halloween party continues, guests can earn additional points for having done something during the Halloween party (like telling a scary Halloween story). The hallower with the most points wins Halloween treats as the Halloween party prize.

5) Food and drinks

As you organize your Halloween party hall, make sure to include Halloween-themed foods. At the very least, if you’re hosting a Halloween party for kids then consider giving them Halloween candy as Halloween party treats.

6) Music

To completely set Halloween mood, you can play Halloween party hall music while the hallower gets ready for the Halloween party or during the howling of hallows eve.

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