Growing up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Bryce Polascik (AKA Precision) always felt that music was in his blood. As a young man he always felt a deep sense of peace when listening to music which inspired him to start learning how to play classical piano. Throughout the years, Precision has cultivated himself into quite an exceptional piano player. He has been a recurring competitor in the national piano circuit, annually performing 10 classical pieces by memory in front of a deep panel of veteran judges. Precision also ultimately went on to receive the National Diploma of Music along with the coveted Paderewski Gold Medal: the highest honor awarded by the American Academy of Musicians for having been a national winner for 10 consecutive years. In addition to his skills on the piano, Precision has experience with guitar and drums as well.


When he turned 13 years old, Precision got a MacBook for his birthday which was right around the time Skrillex dropped the famous album “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites”. This album inspired Precision to expand his musical talent and start creating EDM music. His skills on the piano, guitar, and drums have allowed Precision to effortlessly pivot his focus and construct ground-breaking EDM music. When creating music, Precision intends for his fans to feel joyful and electrified with energy. In just a few short years of his newfound passion, Precision has soared the charts on multiple occasions due to his unique twist that he brings to EDM.


In the future, Precision has multiple audacious goals that he intends on accomplishing. In addition to music, Precision is on his way toward earning a medical degree. Even though he has already accomplished so much thus far in his life, this is just the beginning for this promising young artist.


You can check out all of his music and reach out to him through his Link Tree. Be on the lookout for Precision in the future as he is sure to impact this world.

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