A song that moves fibres, “Freedom” is the new collaboration that once again links the Ecuadorian-Canadian artist, Landy García with the Moroccan rabble, 4Say. At the African rhythm with the city, “Freedom” is a single under the production of many Sparks, which in its verses is acclaimed “Vida, Art and homeland for the world”.

This piece written by its own interpreters combines Latin and American culture with the Spanish and French compass, created following protests and events in countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and Palestine.

“If our voices can express a message of unity, hope and that they are not alone in their struggle, we will do it in a musical way,” Landy García says.

“Freedom” was born as a song of support for all immigrants in the world, to support freedom of expression and rejection of oppression and injustice for the world’s citizens. “It’s my way to contribute to the world, there are those who do it in the form of donations to charities, I do it in the form of singing,” adds the rabble based in Montreal, Canada, 4Say.

Landy Garcia and 4Say, open to a new musical stamp, not only singing love, rumba and joy, they also dedicate their music to the world with a sense of humanity. In addition, they anticipate that “Freedom” will form part of the “Dulce life” that will soon come together.

Listen “Freedom” on all digital platforms and continue to enjoy Landy Garcia and 4Say on its social networks @landygarciamusic and @4sayofficiel.



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