Oberkochen, Germany — ZEISS has created a virtual trade show booth – the Virtual Cine Expo – where customers and partners can directly interact with ZEISS’ cinematography experts from July 15 to 17, 2020. Featuring interactive content and live presentations, the international ZEISS team is providing a look at new products as well as other ongoing projects and topics.

Not only can visitors learn about the latest innovations from ZEISS like the three new ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses, but they can also explore all of the key features and details of the ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance, CP.3, CZ.2, and LWZ.3 lenses in the “Cine Lens Showcase”.

The 360° experience offers visitors the chance to discover the wide range of solutions in the way they would expect from a trade show booth. Since in-person trade shows aren’t possible due to the current situation, the Virtual Cine Expo also aims to move personal interactions to a digital format in the best possible way.

Interactive touchpoints give visitors different points of access to watch videos, read information, get in touch with ZEISS, and participate in conversations or lectures. At the “Conversations Counter”, for example, Benjamin Völker, Senior Expert Optical Simulations, and Sundeep Reddy, Technical Sales and Applications Specialist for ZEISS Cine Lenses, will talk about lens flares. In addition to the presentations by ZEISS experts, there will also be numerous live talks with well-known Directors of Photography (DOP) and creative specialists who use ZEISS products.

Various product demos and presentations will be available in the demo area that offer a more detailed look at the different focal lengths or the flares of the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses, for example.

The ZEISS Virtual Cine Expo booth will be available online starting July 15 at  www.zeiss.com/cine/virtualexpo

The website is available around the clock and can be easily accessed via web browser on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The virtual trade show booth will also stay online after July 17 and will remain accessible until Fall 2020.


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