Brandon Stennis, best known as Promethaleann. He was born and raised in E.Saint Louis and also raised in St.Louis. He was born on 03-18-1997. Promethaleann has an outstanding 1M+ Followers on TikTok and 100k+ on Instagram, he is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. He is best known for his single “I Got The Drip” Which he also has a music video for. A CEO of his own record label.

His record label Is called PromethaCodeinEnt. He started this record label back in 2017. And definitely is thinking about working with other record labels to further his career. The multi-talented rapper Promethaleann has grown an extensive audience stream with his ability, creative wisdom, and invasive style to depict that through the weaving of the lyrical structures. He has done this in a short period, all his songs have grossed thousands of streams on different platforms.

Tracks like “I Got The Drip “, “Beatbox Freestyle”, and “HIGH” have allowed  Promethaleann to become known for melodic vocals. A sound that is helping him get recognized on a national level. His latest track “Let Me Work It” is a perfect example of his sound.

The song features Promethaleann’s signature flow and melodic approach. The artist is sitting on a lot of unreleased tracks that you can expect to hear soon.

Stay tuned with Promethaleann below:





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