From banging drums to wrenching melodies, Purple Miami is stepping into the music scene with something new, and he came to stay. His music is full of playback value and repeat potential, something scarce to see in the music industry these days.


In an industry that is never based on solid ground, Purple Miami has flipped the music industry on its head and made it work for him. By meeting big names and having the opportunity to make music with them, he’s been a huge inspiration to many, showing that good music and good connections can put you in a place you’d love to be. By being true to your craft and having innocent intentions, the work speaks for itself and continues to grow.


Seeing Purple Miami reach out to the music community and hit with unique, self-produced, independently released dance music is a breath of fresh air. With no question as to why so many people have come to know and love Purple Miami, he continues to push the boundaries and shock his fans and even himself as to what truly is possible.


As he continues to grow, he has a planned remix release with Alok coming out later in May. The track is set to be released on the 23rd. From DJ sets to Spotify playlists, everyone who comes across Purple Miami’s music is there to stay.


Staying on top of his game, Purple Miami’s music continues to grow and impress all of those who listen. From the king of nightlife in Miami to becoming a high-achieving, independent musician, Purple Miami has pushed for so much and has not by any means come up empty-handed. Each day for him starts and ends in the studio. Whether he’s DJing or writing music, he revolves around the world of music, and the world of music is happy to have him.

You can give Purple Miami a listen on Spotify here as well as keep up with him on Instagram as the journey continues to unfold here.

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