Rain shower in your bathroom

A rain shower, simulating a full rainfall, is a very modern and useful decision for any bathroom. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor. The powerful water stream, which consists of soft drops, perfectly massages the body, quickly relieving fatigue and relaxing all muscles.

Principle of operation

Surely you have noticed how much children love to walk in the warm summer rain, and how many adults also enjoy it? And what is the reason? Warm drops fall on our body, give energy, relax muscles, make us experience unique feelings. The task of a rain shower is to fully convey these sensations. Actually, it does it great.

It has been proven through multiple studies that rain showers do provide health benefits. In addition to natural cleansing functions, they also have healing effects. Let’s consider the main ones:

– Hydromassage. Influencing the skin, the rain shower makes it firm, taut, healthy;

– Relaxation. Water acts on the nerve endings located on our body, thereby we calm down, relax;

– Relief of muscle tension, elimination of clamps;

– Improving the functioning of the circulatory system;

– Impact on the work of the heart, blood oxygen saturation.

In order for a rain shower to bring maximum physical and aesthetic pleasure, it can be equipped with lighting. For this, LEDs are used. These elements require a minimum amount of energy, so there is no need to connect to the mains, and therefore, the design is absolutely safe.

The effect of color has a huge psychotherapeutic effect:

– Red has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, it stimulates it;

– Pink is relaxing;

– Green calms;

– Yellow stimulates mental activity;

– Blue helps to focus;

– Deep blue and violet can be pretty annoying.

Each user expects a special experience from a rain shower. Due to this, it is worth having a very thoughtful approach to the choice of design. The following factors are very important:

– Equipment. It may differ even for systems that are at first glance identical.

– Price. It’s worth noting that cost is almost always a reflection of the quality or durability of use. Outdoor models sometimes are more expensive, but if you look through collections of past seasons, you can choose a great outdoor shower for sale;

– Installation method. Is it possible to install it everywhere you want?

– Additional functions. If you really want to buy a system with a thermostat or backlight, but at the moment there is no suitable option for technical requirements, it is better to continue your search. Desires should be fulfilled;

– Reviews. Many people use a rain shower today. They willingly share their first impressions on social media.

For the bathroom, a built-in rain shower is an interesting interior solution. If the room is supplemented with live greenery or photo wallpaper, you can create an atmosphere as close as possible to the soft tropics. Rain showers have a number of advantages over a bathtub. However, if you are looking for more classic solutions, you can find the one you need among Aquatica tubs.

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