The road to success is never easy; it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to achieve it. Only people who are willing to take risks in life can take this road. Jorge V. Gonzalez mustered up the courage to walk on the road and proved to be triumphant. His success story features many highs and lows of life that contribute to his today.

Jorge represents the first American generation of Mexican immigrants, an aspiring author who grew up in a foreign land to prosper in his career and life. Ever since Jorge was a kid, he carried a great responsibility to carry his legacy and make it long-lasting throughout generations. While all his childhood friends were falling victims to drugs and street gang life, Jorge looked for ways to build his career and make his family proud.

Life did not give the best moments for Jorge. After working in the distribution and logistic industry for 20 years, he suffered from unemployment for many years due to disability. With constant injuries and accidents, Jorge fell into depression. The deep fog of uncertainty clouded him. During this time, his daughter became a light of hope for him.

He saw that his daughter struggled to train in softball. As a responsible dad, Jorge looked for ways to facilitate his daughter to learn and pursue her passion. This was when he came up with the idea for “The Batting Pro.” He built a training aid that could help his daughter and other beginners like her learn baseball and softball. Using this aid, they could correct their figure and develop muscle memory.

From then onwards, Jorge never stopped once to look back on his dark past but looked forward to seeing how he could make the best of his time. He found his talent in real estate and decided to pursue it. By working with many clients and families, he became one of the award winning realtors in the city. Currently, he is a real estate agent at Keller Williams Realty.

As days went by, Jorge also recognized his gift and talent to motivate and change people’s lives around him. He wrote a book, which is now an international best-seller, by the name “Answer the Call: Life Lessons From Family Origins Through Invention and Struggle.” It includes all the lessons and advice for people searching for life’s purpose.

Just like how he gained peace and love after finding his purpose in life, Jorge wants others to answer their life’s calling and pursue it. He is optimistic that ‘Answer the Call’ will trigger many people to find God’s gifts and talent to achieve success in life.




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