When you are buying your dream house, you want to make everything as perfect as you can. If you’re looking for a maintenance free option consider Best Apartments in Shreveport for your apartment needs in Shreveport. Anyways here is the list of some essential points to consider:

  1. You should know about the Property Price:

The first step in selecting an apartment is to fix a budget. It makes it easier to shortlist a home if you know how much you are willing to spend. You can get a conception of the builder who proposed you a precise quotation examining the property prices. Portal listings, brokers of the site, or newspaper listings are ways to compare properties in the area.

  1. You should know about Flat’s Carpet Area:

generally, the property’s area listed is the complete area, including handles, elevator range, stairs, the width of walls, and other things. However, the carpet area is the exact area inside the brickwork of the flat. This can be 30 % less than the built-up area or the area used to determine its price.

  1. You should know about Land Record:

You always have to consider the land on which your flat is built is. You must investigate the exact soil condition and topography of the ground on which the apartment is created. The apartment should not have any dues, and it should be registered. Before buying a home, the title deed must be verified and checked in detail. The act gives all points on the rights, ownership, and obligations towards the property.

  1. You should know about Legal Check of Property:

You have to check that either the property is legally authorized to be constructed or not. The developer should have approvals from Area development authorities, water supply, and sewage boards, electricity boards, and Municipal Corporation. When you are taking a home loan, the concerned bank will validate your property documents before loan sanction.

  1. You should know about Apartment Possession:

As a genuine buyer, you should have an exact idea of the timeline for control of the apartment’s possession. Generally, any developer asks for a six month grace period. Nevertheless, there should be a valid explanation for everything you are going to do.

  1. You should know about Financing Banks:

It would be best if you had the idea of banks that are giving or not giving finance to individual builders. As some banks do not offer loans to some builders owing to a bad reputation. So, you must check everything clearly to fund the project you plan to invest in.

  1. You should know about Builder-Buyer Agreement:

When you select the apartment of your choice, you can book by giving a token amount, and in return for which you get an allotment letter. A tripartite agreement should be developed between the buyer, builder, bank from the remaining balance. And this agreement should be read and explained in detail before you are signing it.

  1. You should know about the Location of the Flat:

It is essential to examine the area where you are going to be shifting. You have to analyze all the amenities, physical infrastructure, and reach to all the necessary places. All of these factors will help you in finding a peaceful place of living. The flat should be trustworthy and protected, offering some safety to families residing in the flat.

  1. You should know about Hidden and Additional Charges:

You have to ensure that all the documents’ clauses are read in detail, and penalty clauses are understood. The builder necessarily pays a monthly fine if he didn’t provide the flat’s possession within the grace period. He should give additional expenses like GST, home loan processing fee, stamp duty, registration charges, and other charges.


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