Breach of Honor is a documentary about the ongoing threat to brave American women serving in the armed forces. The enemy, however, is coming from within. American women in uniform are battling with an ongoing scourge of sexual assault within the ranks of the armed services and stonewalled by a command structure that seems to enable these attacks.


Numerous men and women in uniform are now coming forward to reporter Michael Torchia to bring awareness to this problem and also rallying support to create change in civilian and military policies. In many cases, the military chain of command is seen in this documentary to actively cover up these assaults and deny justice to those patriotic men and women in uniform.


The sheer numbers of service members sexually assaulted every day on U.S. and foreign bases is revealed in this documentary to be staggering and remains a scandal of enormous proportions. Investigative reporter Michael Torchia, draws on his background in health and mental wellness and apply this to the threats of mental and physical health in the U.S. Armed Forces. Torchia hopes that by shining a much-needed spotlight on this story, official action may be forthcoming to help give voice to America’s service members who have suffered violent acts while serving in their nation. Toward this end, Torchia will be traveling across the country filming interviews of victims, political figures, government officials, legal experts and gathering crucial evidence to stop this injustice.


Torchia reports that he hopes this film will be a catalyst to rallying high powered individuals to join his mission to help create awareness and give these victims in uniform a voice to protect their lives which they risk to serve their country.

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