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We can all admit that we love a great song that can really make you want to getup on your feet and just dance. Recording Artist, Chozxn did just that, alongside Kevin Posey and Rei.

The song is called “How To Do It.” The song was particularly made for a feel good club vibe. The kind of song that would definitely grab your attention and keep it there, the entire time it is playing. How To Do It is an uplifting fun song that mainly women could enjoy and dance to. With all that’s going on in the world due to COVID-19,  we agree that the world deserves good music like How To Do It. It’s the kind of music that can make people come together for the betterment of the world. The song itself has much more meaning than the club vibes though, it also focuses on honoring the women going after their dreams and becoming successful in their journey.

The song was initially inspired by the brilliant mind of Kevin Posey. The moment they heard it. Chozxn says “I immediately felt the energy and of course I wanted to make my contribution.” They then decided that since the song was such a catch, they needed a big artist from overseas.  That’s when Posey brought Rei on board, who is from New Zealand. It took them about a month to complete the song, but we all know that perfection takes time. “Naturally, it was an honor to work with Kevin and Rei,” Chozxn says. They are very professional. There are no challenges to work with people with such passion for music as they are.”

          “How To Do It” will initially air on New Zealand and Australian radio and all streaming platforms around the world, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and more. The song is projected to release on Friday February 5th. Chozxn says “There will be a surprise to the visuals for the song. It will be up to the women to decide by dancing to the song and showing how the music makes them feel. We are hoping to start a trend in hopes that it spreads like wildfire.”


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